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The ICONS and IMAGES show opened in August at The Technology Garden in Syracuse, NY.  It will run through November 1st.  I am exhibiting as well as:    Sallie Bailey, Dana Bonn, Joe Dube, Crystal LaPoint, Donal and Shel Little, Mick Mather

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Artists's Statement

I enjoy creating images from the life and dreams inside and outside my imagination:  the people and things I love, and those that intrigue and upset me. My art is play—-creative and challenging play. Play stimulates the imagination and engenders the joy and frustration that accompany creativity. 

I hope to create images that resonate, surprise and warm (or disturb) the heart.  I am interested in technical expertise, fundamentals of composition: balance, line, color and pattern, but beyond that, I strive for images with a spark of magic. I find magic in subject matter, in the play of light and the arrangement of elements.  
I create images (and poetry) for myself, but hope to connect with the viewer on multiple levels, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  
I began doing art as a child and "what a long strange trip it's been" (and continues to be.)  I
humbly admit I am still a student, literally as well as figuratively.  
As Keats says, "I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination."  
I have an MFA in poetry and no formal training to speak of in Art.  I have won awards for my photoart at BetterPhoto.com and other venues and have had my art published in the local papers.  I recently had a show at the Wescott Community Gallery and have also showed at Beaver Lake Nature Center, the Women's Informaton Center and other venues.
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Sketch Series

 Hand for Bearuh, by Mary Stebbins

This is a sort of icon for my digital art.


Birth of Flight Series 

 The Birth of Flight 17, by Mary Stebbins Taitt

for Keith


 The Birth of Flight I, by Mary Stebbins

for Patrick McMullen and Keith Taitt


The Birth of Flight II, by Mary Stebbins


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