Aquarian Healing

   I decided to train in Aquarian Healing after 11 years running a therapeutic massage practice as it answered a lot of questions for me about the emotional, spiritual and intuitive aspects of healing, and life beyond visual and scientific boundaries.

   During an Aquarian Healing session you lie fully clothed on the table and I take hold of your wrist and muscle test it to take a link to the higher self. I can determine a yes or no response, so I question the higher self as to what is causing disharmony within and what this body needs.

   I have a huge scan list of disorders, anatomical references, remedies, toxins, allergens, emotions, thought patterns, auric scans, chakra balances, affirmations and spiritual alignment corrections. You treat the brain and the body like a bio computer and reprogramme it, allowing the body to heal and come back into a natural state of balance.
   The body's innate intelligence is accessed via the subconscious mind which records everything you have ever experienced affecting the mind and body. The underlying cause of problems may resurface. What you expect to surface or I expect is not always the probable.

   It is an extremely relaxing experience.

   Drink plenty of water before and during treatment, as water is used as a conduit for the surge of healing energy that is channelled from a higher spiritual force. Water also clears the body of toxins.

   Aquarian Healing is about initiating change. Whether it is related to emotional responses, poor health, lack of contentment, or spiritual enquiry it can be a life changing experience bringing a whole new purpose to life.