Tainted Blood

Memoirs of a part-Jewish Girl 

in the Third Reich

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Quotation From the

Writer’s  Digest Review

of Tainted Blood?:

“... I loved this book.  And

 the funny thing is that

 I expected to hate it

and then it’s 400 pages

 of fantastic writing.

 The author has a real

 way with words...

I love that she made me

see another side to such

a major chunk of history,

to understand how

anyone could have stood

behind Hitler.  I was gripped

by this story and thought

about it day and night.

It deserves a much bigger



Margaret Baacke's, Tainted Blood? Memoir of a Part Jewish Girl in the Third Reich l923-1945

The memoir shows in vivid, serious, sometimes humerous detail the twins’ experience under Hitler. Kicked out of the Hitler Youth as part-Jewish outcasts,  Hans was drafted  into the Wehrmacht for combat in Russia, and Gretel into the Reich Labor Service. She worked with brain-injured patients in a Luftwaffe Hospital in Berlin and later in East Prussia after the patients were transferred due to the severe air raids on Berlin.

In January l945 they escaped from the approaching Soviet Army to the West, settled in a school turned hospital near Hanover and experienced the peaceful takeover by the US Army.