Our Company

Located in Bucharest, the cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania,
Taine-Multimedia Studio is a full service-recording studio that offers advanced, state-of-the-art digital hard disk recording, using the award winning Logic Pro recording and production software, and provides quality-standard recordings and productions.
At the same time, the studio successfully uses another variety of licensed software such as Final Cut, Cubase, Pro Tools, Soundforge and Vegas, plus a wide range of Waves and Universal Audio-UAD 2 plug-ins. This software and these plug-ins, along with a multitude of ultra-modern analogical and digital devices, make the work easier, while at the same time, easily enable the final delivery of products at great speed and at a standard of quality as close to perfection as possible.
Taine-Multimedia Studio offers a range of products from simple audio recordings of voice-over tracks to complex full band audio productions or special multimedia productions.
Thus, whether you are an advertising agent, a private customer, an emerging or established artist, a music band wishing to launch a new single, an album or looking to create a demo of a few tracks, regardless of the size of your project, you can trust the services and products of the Taine-Multimedia Studio, due to their vast experience!


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