HEAD to TAILS for a 2-Day BAT Seminar with Grisha Stewart…

Tails U Win! is thrilled to host BATTing 1000 for Dog Reactivity (Fear, Frustration and Aggression) in Manchester CT.  Join us for two days including over 10 live demos with 4 dogs and a puppy.

July 14-15, 2012

9:00am – 4:30pm

Fighting is expensive for dogs. Instead of jumping directly into fighting, most dogs give distance-increasing signals, from subtle to overt. But many dogs have also learned to give up on the subtle signals and leap straight to showing big aggressive displays, fighting, or fleeing in panic.


When dealing with aggression, fear, or frustration, BAT builds social skills, confidence around the trigger, and trust in the handler. While food or other rewards are used with BAT in some cases, the main focus of BAT is on using environmental rewards that already maintain the problem behavior.


This presentation will show many video clips with case studies using various BAT set-ups, as well as videos of how to deal with problems that crop up, a brief history of related methods used in the last few decades, and how to use BAT with other behavior modification techniques.  We will discuss the science behind BAT, the reasons and ways that BAT is kept low-stress, how to get volunteers for set-ups, how to use BAT ‘undercover’ in the real world, how to deal with fighting in the home, how to rehabilitate fence-fighting, and more. You’ll also get to see multiple live demos with three or four dogs with reactivity issues and a puppy for socialization. Seeing demos with the same dogs over the two days will allow you to see the progress dogs can make with BAT. More info on BAT...



Grisha Stewart specializes in dog aggression at her facility in Seattle, Ahimsa Dog Training, which has been voted Best of Western Washington. "Ahimsa" is a Buddhist doctrine of nonviolence to all living things, which reflects Grisha's focus on force-free methods to promote the well-being of dogs and their humans. She developed Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) as a way to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. Because of its elegant simplicity and effectiveness in rehabilitating reactivity, this dog-friendly method is quickly spreading throughout the world.  More info on Grisha...



$195 (Tails Members $175)

Dates:  July 14-15 2012

Time:   9am – 4:30pm

Registration is open until June 30th or until filled.  There are 60 participant spots for each day.  Payment is due within 1 week of registration to hold your spot.  You may pay by cash, check or charge.

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·         No refunds or credits issued after 12:00 pm on Saturday, June 30th. All refunds must be requested by email or phone. There are no exceptions to this policy.

·         Tails U Win! is located at 175 Adams Street, Manchester, CT.  860-646-5033, Tailsoffice@sbcglobal.net

·         We will be using demo dogs for this seminar.  Participants are asked to leave their pet dogs home.

·         Please bring a comfortable chair, pen and notepad.  If you are traveling by air, please let us know in the “notes” section during registration and we will provide a chair

·         For your comfort, please dress in layers

·         Coffee and snacks will be provided in the morning and afternoon. 

·         Participants are on their own for lunch but there are many local restaurant options.  A list and map along with the Adams Mill lunch menu will be available when you register each day.  There will also be a list of dinner spots for our out of town guests.  We also have a microwave for participants that choose to bring their lunch.

·         The Adams Mill Restaurant, right next door, will provide a limited take out menu each day.  We will collect and place orders at the break for anyone interested.  They will deliver at lunch. 

·         For questions or additional information please contact Christine at 860-646-5033 or Tailsoffice@sbcglobal.com