Tai Lopez is a self-made millionaire. You may have seen him in a YouTube advertisement or ALOT of YouTube advertisements. People find his ads annoying and a just a scam. Tai currently lives in Hollywood, and he is without a doubt, very very successful despite the rough beginnings that he had during his teen years and his quest to find the secret for success. Regardless of how bothersome the ad "Here In My Garage" is, this man has alot that can be learned from, one characteristic is how persevering he is. His thirst for knowledge has led him to become a very enthusiastic reader.
    He invests, advises, and founded many million dollar companies. This man's generosity has made him a teacher for business students, he opened a program for students to learn his secrets, offering refunds if the methods taught don't seem to take effect. He has 67 steps, that he advertises and recommends, and these steps are ways that he learned from his mentors that were the same mentors that led him to be as successful he is today.