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Two weeks Holiday is a blast !

Holidays, ye-epee! Tailevu North College is having it's holidays and it's a blast for the students. Some Students are far away from home while some are at home just chilling out. Teachers are also relaxing after a long term of teaching and working hard for academic excellence of students. So enjoy your holidays kids and be prompt to school on Tuesday.

Posted By Rahul Lal 1.50 pm, 10 May 2010.

New Promotions
Yep, Our new Principal is up and running and as well as our new staff members. Our vice principal Ms. Mohini devi and Mrs. VInaka our Assistant principal are happy to play their roles happily after a great accomplishment. As well as our new teachers who could be checked out in the staff profiles. So come along and say hi to this lovely teachers and staff of our beloved school.

Posted By Arylic Singh 7.14pm , 3rd May 2010.

Bollywood dance and Kula Film Awards

Another Great year of excitement is here for you folks, As the BSP and FAVC competition is going on. The bollywood Dance competition is gearing up and as well as the FAVC KULA FILM AWARDS 2010. Last year was the first year for Tailevu North College to take part in such event but this is the second year and we promise to bring threat to other schools. The Last years entry " Realizing your dreams" was not a blockbuster but a drive into the film industry. This year it's gonna be something different and something that people can look up to. So production plans are being made  for the movie and casts are being selected this week.

Tandra Kahani 

Yes people, The Dream story is making it's way to Tailevu North College as they are gearing up for the dance of their life. This is goning to be the first year for Tailevu North college to be taking part in this big time dancing show competition. Thanks to the organizers for the recognition of  such rural school into this huge show.

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History that would not be forgot.

Thank you Shining Light and House of Restoration !

We wanna Thank Shining light and house of restoration from Australia who provided us with a very helpful contribution. For their general support , materials and items provided to us. Looking at students faces when the container arrived filled their eyes with joy and happiness, that their is hope from this wonderful  people. In their great appreciation the principle, assistant principle and the vice principle set up a day to thank this wonderful people.

From Tailevu North College THANK YOU !

Smiling Ex-Vice principal Mrs. Salele.

The unloading of the Boxes from the container.

One of the member of House of restoration helping out.


Library Books For sale

To everyone who likes reading books or find something interesting in book can head over to the library of Tailevu North College and collect their own copy of library books for cheap prices ranging from 10 c - $1
The prices depend on the date of publish.

Ask librarian for further information !