Long Lake

Long Lake is a town in Hamilton County with a population of 852 in the 2010 census. The town is named for 14-mile (23 km)  lake beside which it sits. The town lies entirely within the Adirondack Park and is the most northerly town in the county. It is a summer tourist destination offering fishing, hiking, boating, and many other outdoor activities. In the winter months, x-c skiing and snowmobiling are  popular.  Long Lake is also the home of the historic Adirondack Hotel.

The area.was first settled around 1833, and the Town of Long Lake was formed in 1837. Long Lake is part of the 1.1 million acre (4,500 km²) parcel acquired from the Mohawk Indians as part of the 1771 Totten and Crossfield Purchase.

The lake is a glacial widening of the Raquette River and extends from southwest to northeast. The Raquette River flows into Long Lake at the southwest end, and out the northeast end. Long Lake  is part of the water route that connects the Fulton Chain of Lakes with the Saint Lawrence River drainage.    Long Lake with its wooded islands, picturesque bays and coves has a remarkably unspoiled shoreline.
There are many streams which wind thru the woodlands to flow into the lake.
The Northville-Placid Trail hugs the north shore of the lake for 8 miles on its way from Northville to Lake Placid.

The water route including Long Lake was frequently traveled by guideboat in the mid-late 19th century. At that time, a typical trip might start at the Saranacs from which a party could make its way to the Raquette River via Indian Carry and Stoney Creek.  The trip continued "via the lakes accessible from it: Long, Raquette, Forked, Blue and Tupper."  After it was settled in the 1830s, Long Lake was isolated except by water, until William Seward Webb's Mohawk and Malone Railway was built through what was then known as Long Lake West in 1892. Long Lake and Long Lake West were connected by a stage route. The railway was taken over by the New York Central Railroad, a few years after construction was completed. The town of Long Lake West was later renamed Sabbatis. The last train ran in April 1965.