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Silver Stars/Purple Hearts 0.2

Here’s Episode 0.2 “The Healers” of SSPH in which my son “Spyton” voiced the character Johnny and I voiced his mom Dr. Beaumont.  It was fun to record the lines for the show and even cooler when we saw the finished product, so expertly machinimated by 7Pandas.

All of the Silver Stars/ Purple Hearts episodes can be found on YouTube, but this one is my favorite as it features Spyton's voice back before it became low and manly.

Music written and performed by TaiChiKnees.

SSPH: The Healers: Story written and directed by Sevenar, animated and edited by Amanda using The Sims 2.  Mr. Dr. Beaumont voiced by Sevenar.  Originally released December 2005

SSPH Episode 0.2