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River Styx 2

River Styx 2 - Ragnorok

A sequel! Bigger and Better!   Another mash-up of Halo, Sims AND World of Warcraft for the demographic of 17 people who play all three games.  This time around we used Halo for PC, Halo for Mac, Halo CE, Halo 2 (captured on a PC), and World of Warcraft (Mac) and The Sims 2 (Mac) so we would have more options.  And this time we didn’t add extra effects.  All the shots you see are directly from gameplay.  

And this was in 2006 and so we didn't have your fancy schmancy After Effects and Final Cut Pro cheapo versions that allow you to easily keyframe and match up effects.  We had to do it one frame at a time.  With two sticks and a rock!  The compositing was done with Motion 2.  From 100 years ago.  So forgive the occasionally ugly matte shots...

We did use a special green wallpaper and carpet to “greenscreen” the Sims, and we shot against solid color walls or blue skies to blue screen in Halo or WoW.  Several shots were matted and keyframed in order to incorporate the Sims characters into the Halo or WoW shots, but we tried as much as possible to only use shots from the game itself for this trailer, rather than add any extraneous animation.

Special mods for Sims can be found online and were extremely useful.  The greenscreen walls were at thesimsresource.com, the invisible sim (great for camera work to direct a Sim at a place where a character will go) from simslice.com, and some of the accessories are from rosesims2.net.  And of course, modthesims2.com and thesims2.ea.com are great resources for free sims mods.  No mods for WoW for the Mac were available at that time, unfortunately.

Voices:  Elnea, OboeCrazy, Spyton

It takes me back...


Oh, and by the way... in case there were any doubts...
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