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My HAFT Life 2006-2007

My HAFT Life 2006-2007

...and the scary thing is that this only represents about 40% of the photos I’ve actually shot for HAFT.  

Back then I’d been shooting with a Kodak DX3900, which is a point and shoot model, so I couldn’t focus or adjust for light, so I just shoot a ton of photos and hope that some would come out okay.  I should also  make the disclaimer that many of my personal photos end up on my other (laptop) computer.  I mean, I do have an actual personal life. I don’t want you to think I’m completely crazy.  Just a little bit.


The song is called “Blood Gulch 120” and is an arrangement I did with homages to the melodies from the Blood Gulch Blues byTrocadero and the Halo Theme.  It featuring Lauren AKA OboeCrazy on woodwinds and me on voice, guitar and keyboard.    It was originally written for me to use during aerobics.  Go figure.

Blood Gulch Blues written by and initial performance clip ©2004 N. Audy-Rowland & W. Mittelstadt, Trocadero (used with permission)
Halo Theme by M. O’Donnell & M. Salvatori
Recorded 2006 by Tai Chi Knees
Linnea Boyev,
Jun 23, 2012, 9:30 PM