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I Want Master Chief

I Want Master Chief

Warning: May induce cringing.

First Posted May 27, 2007 on the "LaurenOboe" YouTube Channel

First Screened at CanWest Convention in Vancouver

You can see a high resolution 640x480 versions generously hosted at halo.bungie.org by clicking HERE.  

Read our interview with Bungie about this video HERE



Filmed, edited and directed by OboeCrazy 

Music written and performed by Elnea 

Featuring sax and trombone solos by OboeCrazy and Spyton

Script by OboeCrazy, Visual Special Effects by Elnea

Lead actors: Shogintsu, Chugabooe, Quikthnkr, Spyton, Elnea

Supporting actors: Pixilz, Kardiez, gemstar, Skoot13, espithaca, Lefty, StrixAlpha, Dieter24, jackymib, SipidersW, Raptor_Alpha, Fhajad, Xx_Thorn_xX, Frankfurter4444

Halo, Halo2©Microsoft Corporation

The Sims 2 ©Electronic Arts Inc. 

All Rights Reserved