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Blow Boys Away

In my defense, I recorded all the tracks for this song on the old Audacity program in one sitting and sent it off to my friend as a joke.  This ended up being my first Halo fan song.  It is a parody of the song "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, which was the music played in the end credits of Halo 2.


Girlfriends and Wives

On X Box Live

Sign in to play

(Like the boys do everyday)

Yeah we’ve got boobs

You stupid noobs

In your boy clans

(She got a triple kill again)

Yeah we’re all girls

We’ll own your world

Blow you away

(Grenade display, don’t call me gay)

Fear the Frag Dolls

Cause they’ve got balls

It’s time to pray

You’d better run ‘cause we’ve arrived

Flash of pink armor, then you die

Gaming online the same as you 

Now all the girls play Halo too 

The fairer sex


Giving you lag

(You got owned, she’s got your flag) 

A slut you said?

Oh whoops, you’re dead

You just got fragged

(Did you like to get teabagged?)

So don’t harass

Just kiss my ass

Blow you away

(Don’t act like dicks and you’ll get chicks) 

Time to retreat

‘Cause girls are 1337

It’s time to slay

It’ll stick in your sexist craw

I’ll beat you down before you draw

Just want a chance to play the game

Show me that boys aren’t all the same

We are the girls with top score kills

Why can’t we play Queen of the Hill?

Choke on your damned misogyny

‘Cause we can bring you to your knees

‘Cause we will bring you to your knees


Elnea 2005

Blow Boys Away - SSPH

March 17, 2007
This machinimation (animation using the games Sims2 and Halo) video was done by AmandaJ3162 and Sevenar, who produced their webseries “Silver Stars/Purple Hearts" or SSPH.  I was also cast as the semi-evil Dr. Beaumont in that series.  A few of the shots were inspired by QuackJAG's video below.

Blow Boys Away - QuackJAG

October 21, 2005
This video made to the song by QuackJAG.  I think it's a really sweet interpretation.

6blow boys away.mp3
Linnea Boyev,
Jul 15, 2012, 10:46 PM