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Uncredited appearance on SG-1 DVD Extras

Another 15 seconds of fame

I was watching a special features video in the Stargate SG-1 Season 8 DVD Collection and there’s me... talking to Chris Judge... on the DVD!

They had a segment on volume 4 of the set about Christopher Judge’s appearance at a Chicago Creation Entertainment Convention in 2004 that my son “Spyton” and I attended.   It was a great show and was marked by a wedding proposal (by one of the fans to another... she accepted!) and Chris Judge giving my kid (and about 30 other kids each) $2.  You’ll have to buy the DVD to see all that.  But here is a clip of me asking Chris a question, well, not so much asking as babbling.  

I think my original question had been about the transition of his character "Teal'c" from being a very solemn and stiff warrior to being more relaxed and human-like.  So in the video you see me stammering out: "...just about how you came up ... with the... getting more... laid back... thing... but you already answered that!" 

I am quite the orator, aren’t I?  Ah well, I was a bit flustered.  (The man is absolutely gorgeous.)  But I guess he knew what I was saying.  I don’t think I did.  LOL!

At a later convention I approached the folks from Creation and asked them about this clip and they seemed mostly just relieved I didn't want to sue them for including me without permission.  LOL!