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You Pwn My Heart

Pwn My Heart

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You have sniped a big hole in my heartstrings
You have splattered my feelings with your ghost
Through the years
You will hear
My tears grind like warthog gears
You have mastered my clan
You pwned my heart

You have taunted me with a loving spectre 
You have captured the flag of my soul
You can't hide
Like an AI you I'd ride
You have triple-killed my dreams
You pwned my heart

You possess the oddball of my affections
You have slayed the match-up of my hope
No team kill  
Lose ill will
I could play king of your hill
And my love will respawn
You pwned my heart

©2005 Elnea

In Episode 0.3 of Silver Stars/Purple Hearts, Shady goes into a biker bar and ends up in a fist fight.   I couldn’t resist writing this tongue-in-cheek “country/western” song to use as a the backdrop for the action. 

In the videogaming world “pwn” is a term used when you beat your opponent soundly.  It is derived from a typo of the word “own” from an old Warcraft game, which would announce at the end of every match, “The warrior has pwned the troll!” or some such.  All of the other terms here are from the videogame Halo.  

SSPH Pwn My Heart.mp3
Linnea Boyev,
Jun 24, 2012, 10:31 AM