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Twilight Falls - Dance of Death

As Twilight Falls

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In the East the sapphire lights flicker
Hunters and jackals sing of The Fall
With their priest they long for The Journey
Armed for salvation when twilight falls

To the West with crimson flares splaying
Man's sons and daughters answer the call
Valiant tests for souls they are praying
Armed for survival as twilight falls

And the battle starts
And the dance begins
Steel stops their hearts
Plasma opens skin
Plying warrior arts
Cleansing them of sin
Fight for their home world
As twilight falls

Through the plains the fires are burning
Dying and grappling, finger and claw
Chaos reigns the battle is turning
Look to the Spartan to save them all

Two remain, their brothers are dying
Whirling and clashing, Death's brutal ball
Hear their pain, the wounded are crying,
"Fight for my home world!” “Avenge us all!"

Through the plains                 Dancers played their part
the fires are burning                 To defend their kin
Dying and grappling                 Steel stopped their hearts
Finger and claw                        Plasma burned their skin
Chaos reigns                            Plying warrior art
For peace they are yearning    Yearning they will win

Fight for their home world        
As twilight falls     

May 5, 2006
Playing the video game Halo 2 is a lot of fun, and the graphics are gorgeous.  But I’ve noticed that the Spartans and Elites in the multiplayer mode seem to glide and dance as they mercilessly kill each other, which struck me as a little odd, if not downright creepy.  I call the phenomenon “The Dance of Death”.  The game is so much fun you tend to forget that it is a brutal story about a conglomerate of aliens fighting and dying for a crusade based on a false religion, and humans struggling to escape extinction as one by one their worlds are set aflame.  

You know, happy fun stuff!

So, here is a serious (unusual for me) tribute to the extreme irony of the Dance of Death in the struggle between Blue and Red.  Please enjoy.  Then, later I will see you on X Box Live, where we can pummel each other to death whilst waltzing.  It’s all good.
10As Twilight Falls.mp3
Linnea Boyev,
Jun 24, 2012, 12:00 PM