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Song of the Clan - Live with Felicia Quinn

Song of the Clan Live

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Dedicated to US Marine Lance Corp Kyle Price of Illinois. Died 1/13/06 while serving in Iraq.

Voice: Felicia Quinn
Clarinet: Jim Postilion
Piano: Andrew Norte
Written by Elnea
Performed at Oakton Community College, Des Plaines IL  July 31, 2008

At the end-of-year student recital (where this was recorded), the faculty member said in the introduction that the song was about the battle of Thermopylae (now made famous by the movie “300”) and I didn’t try to correct him.  He didn’t have to know I'd really written about all those poor Elite soldiers that bought the farm on Earth in the third installment of the Halo series. 

I’ll admit that the bridge (“Running...Running...”)  was inspired by a Halo 3 game type invented by OboeCrazy and our friend Nico called "Deathrace2000" which mostly involves (for me) running around in a large circle in the sand waiting to be splattered.

Please enjoy, and note this recording was made from the back of the auditorium and neither Felicia nor her accompanists were using microphones.  What a voice!
Wait a little while 
For it won't be long
For what we do 
We all knew
Our story wouldn't last forever
Now the dawning sees me
Side by side with all my brothers
Oh my clan,
Wait a little while
It won't be long
We fight with honor here 
And here we die
Side by side

<woodwind solo>

Wait a moment more
For our will is strong
For though we fall
They'll recall
And all will sing our song forever
As the battle greets me
Courage surges through my brothers 
Oh my clan, 
My Clan!

Over the sand
Under another sun 
Another land
Roaring our
Thundering thundering roar
And we meet 
Flashing clash 
Shattered shields 
Howling down 
And we fight
'Til I fight alone
The last to fall

Wait a little while
For we won't be long                          
Our weapons drawn
Now we've gone
We've gone                 
to make the final Journey  
As my spirit leaves me
Battle rages past my brothers
Oh my clan!

Wait a little while
We won't be long
We fought with honor here and
Here we died
Side by side

06 Song of the Clan.mp3
Linnea Boyev,
Jun 24, 2012, 12:19 PM