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The child laughing
Sunlight flickers on his face
Dark figures shadowed

I won't be changing for you
I won't be terrified

A disappearance
Blue lab lights touch metal walls
The stretching marrow

And they are changing me
And I am terrified

And they are changing me
I am not terrified

A world on fire
Starlight glints on armor steeled
Forged for salvation

Now they have changed me
(I'm coming)
You should be terrified

©2006 TaiChiKnees

(Yes, the lyrics are in Haiku form.  Because I could.)

In the official Halo book, The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund, the origin of the the protagonist in the Halo games, Spartan 117, is explained.


In the future, the military develops super “smart” armor, called MJOLNIR armor, which is so fast and strong that anyone wearing it tears themselves apart if they move the slightest bit. So the SPARTAN II program is initiated to produce human beings capable of using the armor. Seventy-five six-year-old children are entered into this program to make them strong, smart and fast. When they hit puberty they are given experimental medical treatments to grow taller and stronger, including chemical bonding of metal/ceramics to their skeletons (a la Wolverine in the X-Men series). More than half are hideously deformed or die as a result of the treatments. Those that survive intact become the SPARTANs, able to use the MJOLNIR armor and thus be the ultimate supersoldier.

MJOLNIRs Child 117.mp3
Linnea Boyev,
Jun 24, 2012, 10:20 AM