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HAFT Webcomic

In 2006 I took a few of my son's Halo action figures and made a little comic suggesting that the pink spartan and blue elite were romantically involved.  Ah, so hilarious.  From there the whole thing spiralled out of control and after 100 issues Claude Errera from halo.bungie.org offered to host the webcomic on his site.  Since then the webcomic has been happily at home and intermittently published (based on my free time) at haft.bungie.org.  You can find it all there.

No, seriously, click the link.  HERE, CLICK THIS.  There are hundreds of webcomics and they are all hilarious!  Well, they make ME laugh, and that's what counts.

Below I've posted some HAFT-related images that didn't make it to the official webcomic or were unrelated to the storyline and/or showed up in my redvsblue blog.  And of course the characters of HAFT have even appeared in several videos you can find at the Halo Videos link.

Be warned that the HAFT comics tend to be saturated with double entendre;  Halo is an M-rated game, after all.

This was actually a conversation I had with my son, so I made it into a comic.

This is another actual conversation that got the HAFT treatment...

When we got our special edition of Halo: Reach it came with a little statue of the teammates you get in the campaign mode, including Kat (seen below in blue) who was remarkable for her enormous rear end.  The image below is a parody of "Teen Girl Squad" at homestarrunner.com 

Friend Luke McKay was the comic artist for roosterteeth.com for five years and hosts the website "Ball2That" which features jokes so astoundingly raunchy that even I blush.  He needed some guest comics one week and so I made a comic that I thought would be what he would write if he wrote HAFT.    I apologize for the extremely gross humor.  Do note the three different figures of Cortana, shown in actual perspective to the Halo 2 action figure. Pretty!

This was the accompanying photo to a blog about a pink set of tools I got from www.tomboytools.com 
This is when I got my pink tool set from tomboytools.com

Another Easter image.  Seriously, aren't those chocolate bunnies terrifying?

The Halo 3 Cortana was beautifully designed but she lit up in a weird way...
Cortana's Halo 3 figure lit up in a weird way...

For International "Talk Like A Pirate Day", 2008.  

For Valentine's Day, 2008