About TaiChiKnees

TaiChiKnees is:

Linnea a.k.a./GamerTag "Elnea"

Elnea:  voice, voice acting, keyboards, guitar, music, lyrics, film and sound FX, composing, film editing, art, webcomic.

I am a retired MD PhD mom from Chicago and I have a variety of interests.  My formal training is in physiology and ophthalmology, I dabble (poorly) in art, I write and record music of all genres,  I play piano and guitar and I love gaming online with my (now teenaged) son.  I've always had a passion for science fiction (my father fed me a steady diet of Robert Heinlein books during my childhood) and I am frankly in love with the internet.  I do log off occasionally and spend time teaching at a local nursing school, singing with my community choir, playing with my guitar ensemble at libraries, schools and nursing homes, taking classes at my community college, taking photos of action figures, travelling, reading Marvel comics and watching YouTube videos about cats.   I've been active in the RedVsBlue online community since 2005 and have collaborated in a number of online fan projects, predominantly in writing soundtrack music (most notably in Halo Unyielding 2) or doing a bit of voice acting (most notably in the Silver Stars/Purple Hearts machinima).   I will work for chocolate. 

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Notable TaiChiKnees Collaborators:

1. Lauren a.k.a./Gamertag OboeCrazy 

Lauren: woodwinds, voice acting, consulting, scripts, film direction, film editing

Lauren is a professional classical musician who spends as much time practicing her Halo sniper headshots as she does her scales. She's been a radio talk show host, she is the "This Week in Geek" contributor to the weekly "LateNight with JengaJam" podcast, and is a celebrity in the Halo gaming community.  Her GrifBall team won the 2008 Winter Championship (earning her the then- rare and coveted Recon armor set) and she regularly posts Halo gameplay and machinima videos on her LaurenOboe YouTube channel.  She has a wealth of experience, talent, and humor to bring to everything she puts her mind to.  As far as I can tell she spends the remainder of her free time playing old-school D&D, whittling oboe reeds and hanging out with her Canadian boyfriend.  Did I mention she makes an excellent pot of tea?  Check out her YouTube Channel "LaurenOboe".

Want to see what OboeCrazy does in real life?  Visit OboeCrazy's Professional Website


Spyton: voice acting, guitar, trombone, cat wrangling, machinima stunt work
    ...they grow up so fast.