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If you want to just hang out, then take off your shoes, relax, and enjoy a lovely beverage.  At this website you’ll find much of my music and videos related to my online “Elnea” persona, who evidently really enjoys science fiction and video games.

Although "Tai Chi Knees" has been my creative name for 20 years, around 1999 I teamed up with my good friend: professional oboist, natural filmmaker and all-around swell gal “OboeCrazy” and the creativity really took off. I began playing the Xbox videogame “Halo” with my son around the same time, and somehow the art, music and videogame worlds collided. 

I moved this site over from the iWeb host in 2012.  These days I put most videos over at my YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/taichiknees

Other Halo-related TaiChiKnees/Elnea Halo Links:

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          my gallery at halo.bungie.org

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         "Halo Action FIgure Theater"

For my Halo-related blog, visit

         Elnea's profile at redvsblue.com

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    Enjoy the site!
                                -Linnea AKA “Elnea”
               The above "Elnea" avatar is by Luke McKay.