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Science Studies – there are a LOT here, but I will mark the ones I find really interesting and useful with a @ symbol.  I read a lot more than this , but these are the ones I like to keep for reference.  Sometimes the interesting parts are buried…

Mindfulness – Meditation oriented studies

‘Mindfulness’ Stress Reduction Helps Breast Cancer Survivors --Doctors Lounge @

Behavioral treatment for migraines a cost-effective alternative to meds, study finds @

Stanford study vanquishes social anxieties without drugs - Health and Science Wire -  @

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News - Meditation Relieves IBS Severity, Randomized Study Finds @

Meditation Helps Your Attention Span

Aetna Delivers Evidence-based Mind-Body Stress Management Programs - MarketWatch @

Mindfulness Therapy Improves Bipolar Disorder Symptoms --Doctors Lounge

Pain relief: meditation better than drugs, study finds

Meditation helps kids pay attention, leading researcher says

Mindful Eating as Way to Fight Bingeing -

Being 'mindful' can neutralize fears of death and dying @

Mindfulness Therapy Improves Bipolar Disorder Symptoms --Doctors Lounge

Explaining Why Meditators May Live Longer | Healthland | @

Breast cancer survivors benefit from practicing Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction | e! Science News

Medical News: Mindfulness Program Eases Arthritis Symptoms - in Rheumatology, Arthritis from MedPage Today @

Stress reduction and mindful eating curb weight gain among overweight women | e! Science News

Training in 'concrete thinking' can be self-help treatment for depression, study suggests

Can Mindfulness Really Rewire the Brain? | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy  @

Teaching the neurons to meditate | e! Science News

Mindfulness meditation may ease fatigue, depression in multiple sclerosis @

Mindfulness meditation increases well-being in adolescent boys, study finds

Brief meditative exercise helps cognition

Meditation reduces the emotional impact of pain, study finds @

Brief Training In Meditation May Help Manage Pain, Study Shows @

Study suggests motivation to be active may lead to impulsive behavior

Motivation to be active may lead to impulsive behavior

Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain, researchers say @

How Mindfulness Can Enhance Relationships | Adventures in Positive Psychology

Mind is a frequent, but not happy, wanderer: People spend nearly half their waking hours thinking about what isn’t going on around them

A wandering mind reveals mental processes and priorities independent mindfulness information website - Research

TaiChi / Qigong / TCM – These are studies I relate directly to TCE practices

Enzyme in saliva helps regulate blood glucose @

Massage is promising for muscle recovery: Researchers find 10 minutes reduces inflammation
Massage reduces inflammation and promotes growth of new mitochondria following strenuous exercise, study finds
Older subjects who regularly practise Tai Chi found to have better arterial compliance and greater muscle strength @

Tai Chi improves cardiovascular function and body strength in older adults @

Older subjects who regularly practice Tai Chi found to have better arterial compliance and greater muscle strength than non-practitioners@

Acute pain is eased with the touch of a hand, study shows

Therapy in the Air: Scientific American @

Tai Chi | Low Back Pain | Arthritis Today Magazine @

New Research Shows Qi-Gong Helps Control Diabetes – not much in way of details yet ….

Qigong Massage Benefits Children with Autism

Tai Chi and Qigong Offer Many Health Benefits: Review  @ good review

Fifteen minutes of moderate daily exercise lengthens life, Taiwanese study finds

Tai Chi & Qigong (chi kung) Health Benefits, Medical Research, Illness, Health Concerns, Natural Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Water channels in the body help cells remain in balance | e! Science News – move the water!

Your mother was right: Good posture makes you tougher @ 1st correction

Standing tall is key for success: 'Powerful postures' may trump title and rank  @

A lifetime of physical activity yields measurable benefits as we age


Phys Ed: Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body - – cleaning the waste products

Exercise can produce healthy chatter between bone, fat and pancreatic cells | e! Science News

Tai chi improves symptoms of Parkinson's disease - CBS News @

Tai Chi Improves Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Tai Chi Makes Parkinson’s Patients Steadier on Feet, Study Says - Businessweek @

Ferroelectric switching discovered for first time in soft biological tissue | e! Science News – hmmm scientist just found new electrical pathways?

Acupuncture reduces protein linked to stress in first of its kind animal study

Tai chi: Discover the many possible health benefits -

Breathing - Medical Evidence

Dissemination and benefits of a replicable Tai Chi... [Geriatr Nurs. 2010 Jul-Aug] - PubMed result

Effect of Tai Chi on Obese Diabetic Patients

Scientific Qi Exploration-13(c)- Qigong and Immunity | Yang-Sheng

Tapping away desire for those favorite foods and snacks - @ recent EFT study

Though Hard to Measure, Tai Chi Pays Health Dividends - @ nice overview

Researchers discover molecular secrets of ancient Chinese herbal remedy | e! Science News

Pilot study: Workplace yoga and meditation can lower feelings of stress | e! Science News

Green Tea and Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health and Reduce Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women @

Slow Breathing Reduces Pain @

Breathing For Better Lung Health

Spinal Manipulation or Home Exercise More Effective Than Medication for Acute Neck Pain, Study Finds | NCCAM @ skip the drugs and chiropractics – do Qigong!

Simple, low-cost yoga program can enhance coping and quality of life for the caregivers

Breaks to get up and move lower blood sugar: study | Reuters @

Those less motivated to achieve will excel on tasks seen as fun

Tea – recent fascination in tea sparked a search for relevant science studies

ECGC In Green Tea Is Powerful Medicine Against Severe Sepsis, Lab Study Suggests

Digestive Process Affects Anti-Cancer Activity Of Tea In Gastrointestinal Cells @

Green Tea Helps Beat Superbugs, Study Suggests

Compounds in mate tea induce death in colon cancer cells, in vitro study shows @ ok , mate is not tea but it is close

Black Tea May Fight Diabetes

Green Tea Helps Mice Keep Off Extra Pounds

While On Trail Of Dioxin, Scientists Pinpoint Cancer Target Of Green Tea @

Green Tea and Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health and Reduce Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women @

Polyphenols in red wine and green tea halt prostate cancer growth, study suggests 

New evidence that green tea may help fight glaucoma and other eye diseases

Cup Of Green Tea To Keep The Bacteria Away @

Green tea could modify the effect of cigarette smoking on lung cancer risk @

Drinking Tea May Offer Health Benefits, But Evidence Still Limited – old study , but included as skeptic viewpoint

Consumption Of Green Tea Associated With Reduced Mortality In Japanese Adults

Drink Green Tea For Healthy Teeth And Gums @

New Evidence That Green Tea May Help Improve Bone Health

White Tea Beats Green Tea In Fighting Germs @

White Tea: Solution To Obesity Epidemic?

Green Tea’s Cancer-fighting Allure Becomes More Potent @

Cancer-Preventive Potential Of White Tea @

ECGC In Green Tea Is Powerful Medicine Against Severe Sepsis, Lab Study Suggests @

Antifibrotic effects of green tea

Tea May Help Prevent Diabetes And Cataracts

Compounds in Mate Tea Induce Death in Colon Cancer Cells, in Vitro Study Shows

Mate Tea Lowers Cholesterol

Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits

Green Tea Compounds Beat Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Related Brain Deficits, Study Shows

Mayo Clinic Reports Some Chronic Leukemia Patients May Improve By Taking An Extract Of Green Tea @

A Cup Of Tea May Protect Against Skin Cancer

Green Tea Holds Promise As New Treatment For Inflammatory Skin Diseases @

Green Tea May Protect Brain Cells Against Parkinson's Disease

Age-Old Remedies Using White Tea, Witch Hazel and Rose May Be Beneficial, Study Suggests @  review of several tea types

Heart Attack Patients May Benefit From Drinking Tea

Green Tea Is Effective in Treating Genetic Disorder and Types of Tumors, Study Suggests

Citrus Juice, Vitamin C Give Staying Power To Green Tea Antioxidants @ enhance the power of green tea

Mechanism Discovered for Health Benefit of Green Tea, New Approach to Autoimmune Disease

Green Tea Boosts Production Of Detox Enzymes, Rendering Cancerous Chemicals Harmless @

Elements Of Green Tea Prevent HIV From Binding To Human T Cells

Green Tea Shows Antioxidant Benefits In Human Plasma

Drinking Tea Associated With Lower Risk Of Ovarian Cancer

Study Finds How Green Tea May Prevent Cancer

Green Tea May Fight Allergies @

Drink Brewed Tea To Avoid Tooth Erosion, Study Suggests

Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Green Tea Component Helps Kill Leukemia Cells

Bottled Tea Beverages May Contain Fewer Polyphenols Than Brewed Tea

Tea Fights Cavities, Reduces Plaque @

Green Tea Can Help Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

Green Tea And The 'Asian Paradox'

New Study Shows Tea Extract Protects Skin; White Tea Extract Reveals Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging Properties @

Researchers Find Major Green Tea Ingredient Kills Cancer Cells, Spares Healthy Ones @

Green Tea Shown To Possess Antitumor Effect In Breast Cancer

Green Tea May Protect Bladder From Becoming Inflamed

Green Tea And EGCG May Help Prevent Autoimmune Diseases


The human  Biome – Studies relating to the human / bacteria interaction / antibiotics

Microflora have decisive role with autoimmune illnesses, some good, some bad  @

Study shows unified process of evolution in bacteria and sexual eukaryotes
Inner weapons against allergies: Gut bacteria control allergic diseases, study suggests @

Natural intestinal flora involved in the emergence of multiple sclerosis, study finds

Disarming disease-causing bacteria

Exposure to antibiotics linked to severity of allergic asthma: research @

Stress wrecks intestinal bacteria, could keep immune system on idle | e! Science News @

That anxiety may be in your gut, not in your head | e! Science News

Ulcer-causing bacteria baffled by mucus: Researchers discover impact of viscoelasticity on collective behavior of swimming microorganisms

A new treatment option for Clostridium difficile: Fecal transplantation @ ok , a bit off putting , but just came out and very effective – fecal floral transplants

Stratospheric superbugs offer new source of power

In the mouth, smoking zaps healthy bacteria, welcomes pathogens | e! Science News  @

Diabetes may start in the intestines, research suggests

The microbiome and disease: Gut bacteria influence the severity of heart attacks in rats @

New evidence that bacteria in large intestine have a role in obesity

The microbiome and disease: Gut bacteria influence the severity of heart attacks in rats

High intestinal microbial diversity safeguards against allergies, study suggests  @

'Good' bacteria keep immune system primed to fight future infections | e! Science News @

Humans Have Ten Times More Bacteria Than Human Cells: How Do Microbial Communities Affect Human Health?  @ a good overview – there is your 10x statistic …

Stanford study uses genetic approach to manipulate microbes in gut | e! Science News

Researchers find link between common dietary fat, intestinal microbes and heart disease | e! Science News

Stanford study uses genetic approach to manipulate microbes in gut | e! Science News

Bacteria may readily swap beneficial genes: Microbes trade genetic coding for antibiotic resistance and more

Gut bacteria may affect whether a statin drug lowers cholesterol @ up to 50% difference

Decisions made by communities of bacteria trump game theory

Study linking gut microbe type with diet has implications for fighting GI disorders

Bacteria in the gut may influence brain development @

Who's the boss? Research shows cells influence their own destiny

'Knowing it in your gut': Cross-talk between human gut bacteria and brain @ 

Microbes in our gut regulate genes that control obesity and inflammation @

Eradicating dangerous bacteria may cause permanent harm @  beware trying to kill everything – bad karma!

Gut bacteria linked to behavior: That anxiety may be in your gut, not in your head @

Skin's immune peacekeepers discovered

Stress affects the balance of bacteria in the gut and immune response @

Mortal chemical combat typifies the world of bacteria

Antibiotics have long-term impacts on gut flora @

Beneficial bacteria help repair intestinal injury by inducing reactive oxygen species

Learning to tolerate our microbial self: Bacteria co-opt human immune cells for mutual benefit @

Gut bacteria can control organ functions @  We are really only beginning to get the picture

Viruses in the human gut show dynamic response to diet

Common dietary fat and intestinal microbes linked to heart disease

New way to treat common hospital-acquired infection: Novel approach may offer treatment for other bacterial diseases

Fungi: Another tool in bacteria's belt? Fungi and bacteria help one another stay mobile, say researchers

In the mouth, smoking zaps healthy bacteria, welcomes pathogens | e! Science News @

Gut Bacteria Can Manufacture Defenses Against Cancer And Inflammatory Bowel Disease @ elixirs?

Who's the boss? Research shows cells influence their own destiny

Bacteria in the gut of autistic children different from non-autistic children | e! Science News @

Frontal attack or stealth? How subverting the immune system shapes the arms race between bacteria and hosts

Fecal transplant feasible for recurrent <i>C. difficile</i> infection @ - C. difficile is a superbug

H. pylori bacteria linked to blood sugar control in adult type II diabetes

Superbug enters US hospitals through front door -CDC | Reuters  @

Resistant food bacteria strains now common: EU study @

Deaths From Gastroenteritis Double Over Recent Decade --Doctors Lounge

Pre and Probiotics

Mind-altering microbes: Probiotic bacteria may lessen anxiety and depression @

What Else May Probiotics Do In Adults?

Probiotics reduce infections for patients in intensive care, study finds @

Probiotics effective in combating antibiotic-associated diarrhea, studies find; 'Good bugs' look promising as anti-inflammatory agents @

Study: Yogurt-like drink DanActive reduced rate of common infections in daycare children | e! Science News

A gut-full of probiotics for your neurological well-being @

Mind-altering microbes: Probiotic bacteria may lessen anxiety and depression

Probiotics shorten diarrhea episodes, review suggests @

New probiotic combats inflammatory bowel disease

New infant formula ingredients boost babies' immunity by feeding their gut bacteria

Cheese -- acting as 'carrier' for probiotic bacteria -- found to improve immune response of elderly

Metta – Studies related to loving kindness

Acts of kindness spread surprisingly easily: just a few people can make a difference @

Botox Reduces the Ability to Empathize, Study Says - @ interesting way to show the mind body interrelationship

Good intentions ease pain, add to pleasure  @ this is really cool

An Angry Heart Can Lead To Sudden Death

Much to learn from kindly rats

Beyond tender loving care: 'TLCs' promise health and happiness

Personality change key to improving wellbeing @ leopards can change their spots

Suppressing feelings of compassion makes people feel less moral: study

Personality change key to improving well-being | e! Science News

Being ignored hurts, even by a stranger


Psych –various interesting science studies related broadly to  psychology and mind.  (I think the most bizarre is the cat / rat / bug (cat lady?) science marked with a *)

Researchers find that smoking may restore tapped-out self-control resources @

People know more than they think they do, study finds

Stumped by a problem? This technique unsticks you

Want to limit aggression? Practice self-control @

The Authentic Self: How Do You Know If You’re ‘Really’ Racist or Sexist? – TIME Healthland

Trust your gut ... but only sometimes

Which way you lean -- physically -- affects your decision-making

Seeing eye to eye is key to copying, say scientists  @ I use this in class for Tai Chi Mirror

Fighting prejudice through imitation: Asking white people to mirror the movements of a black person lowers their levels of implicit prejudice @ I also use this in class with Tai Chi Mirror

A change in perspective could be all it takes to succeed in school | e! Science News

The brain acts fast to reappraise angry faces

Self-control, and lack of self-control, is contagious @ good reason to stick with it!

Does depression contribute to the aging process?

Monkey See, Monkey Do? Novel Study Sheds Light On Imitation Learning

To perform with less effort, practice beyond perfection @ practice

Tell me how you are, and I know how long you will live @ !

Being ignored hurts, even by a stranger @

Exercise is good for your waistline -- but it's a writing exercise

A new study shows how to boost the power of pain relief, without drugs | e! Science News

A vaccination against social prejudice

Neuroscientists identify how the brain works to select what we (want to) see

Queen's study finds religion helps us gain self-control | e! Science News

Dogs may pick up on human intent - @ I can verify this

Enhancing cognition in older adults also changes personality | e! Science News

Caresses enjoyable vicariously, too

Some people can hallucinate colors at will

Anxiety may be at root of religious extremism, researchers find @

Forgetting is part of remembering

Holding your finger really does make pain go away, scientists say - Telegraph @

Neuroscientists identify how the brain works to select what we (want to) see

Trusting feelings when predicting future events: The emotional oracle effect

The poor, in fact, are less likely to sue their doctor @

The ever-expanding definition of 'diversity'

Who's in the know? To a preschooler, the person doing the pointing

Upper class people more likely to cheat: study @

Winning makes people more aggressive toward the defeated @

Personality change key to improving wellbeing @

New depression treatment 'safe and effective' | e! Science News

Memories of good, bad deeds can alter perception of brightness @

Study pinpoints effects of different doses of an ADHD drug, finds higher doses may harm learning

Shyness study examines how human brain adapts to stimuli

When it comes to intergroup conflict, the group with less power benefits more from sharing its perspective

Brain imaging study finds evidence of basis for caregiving impulse

Craving hinders comprehension without you realizing it


The Cat , the Rat , the Bug (and the cat lady?)

Brain parasite directly alters brain chemistry | e! Science News @cat rat bug crazy people

Parasite uses the power of attraction to trick rats into becoming cat food  @ cat rat bug

Study: Parasitic Infection Causes Rats to Fall in Love With Cats - - TIME Healthland @ This explains cat ladies? If you thought life was simple …..

Brain parasite directly alters brain chemistry

Parasite-infected rodents attracted to cat odor @cat rat bug


Exercise  - General exercise studies – may be applicable to tai chi / qigong too

Exercise is not enough for sedentary workers @

Exercise and caffeine change your DNA in the same way, study suggests@

Health News - Exercise changes the genetic identity of your muscle cells  @

Walking may lessen the influence of genes on obesity by half @

Phys Ed: How Staying Active Keeps Us Healthy - @

Exercise just as good as drugs at preventing migraines, Swedish study suggests

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles - @ Very interesting recent study showing how massage works. 

Physical activity yields feelings of excitement, enthusiasm @

More time spent sitting linked to higher risk of death; Risk found to be independent of physical activity level @ sitting is evil

Office workers spend too much time at their desks, experts say @

Arthritis Treatment: Just Keep Moving, Ladies

Couch potato or elite athlete? A happy medium keeps colds at bay @

Effects of exercise on meal-related gut hormone signals @

Cool hands may be the key to increasing exercise capacity

Medical News:Getting Active Blunts Fat Genes - in Cardiovascular, Prevention from MedPage Today

Exercise triggers stem cells in muscle @ interesting

Food and Spice – for a while now I’ve been interested in the effects of spices and foods.  They don’t get as much press since it is hard to make money from them

Eating cruciferous vegetables may improve breast cancer survival Eggs &apos;should be considered a superfood; say scientists - Telegraph
Obesity accounts for 21 percent of medical care costs Food ingredients most prone to fraudulent economically motivated adulteration
Obesity Rate in U.S. Higher Than Thought?

The link between fast food and depression has been confirmed

Raisins and soy may ward off high blood pressure

Asian vegetable names

Vegetables | Melissa's Produce

Eating green veggies improves immune defenses @

Antioxidant spices, like turmeric and cinnamon, reduce negative effects of high-fat meal @

New diet: Top off breakfast with -- chocolate cake?

Dried licorice root fights the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease, study finds @ Im looking into this – if anyone knows a good source for dried licorice root?

Fried food risks: Toxic aldehydes detected in reheated oil

Good News For Veggies: Personal Values Deceive Taste Buds @ learn to love your veggies

Eating berries may activate the brain's natural housekeeper for healthy aging

Research reveals the true cost of a burger

Medical News:Stuffing the Belly Could Starve the Mind in Seniors - in Geriatrics, General Geriatrics from MedPage Today

Curry spice component may help slow prostate tumor growth | e! Science News @ tumeric

Fasting weakens cancer in mice

Plant Flavonoid In Celery And Green Peppers Found To Reduce Inflammatory Response In The Brain @

Plant flavonoid luteolin blocks cell signaling pathways in colon cancer cells @

A diet rich in slowly digested carbs reduces markers of inflammation in overweight and obese adults | e! Science News

Novel iron source: Newly identified iron absorption mechanism suggests that legumes could provide key to treating iron deficiency worldwide

Herbal remedies offer hope as the new antibiotics @

Discovery may help scientists boost broccoli’s cancer-fighting power

Honey can reverse antibiotic resistance, study suggests @

Is dairy colostrum the key to Olympic success?

Viruses in the human gut show dynamic response to diet

How peppermint helps to relieve irritable bowel syndrome

Study finds chlorophyll can help prevent cancer - but questions traditional research methods | e! Science News

Eat your broccoli: Another mechanism discovered by which sulforaphane prevents cancer @

Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function

Vegetarian cutlet: New method to prepare a meat substitute

Losing belly fat, whether from a low-carb or a low-fat diet, helps improve blood vessel function

Dietary patterns exist among US adults based on demographics

White rice increases risk of Type 2 diabetes, study claims @

Trans Fats Tied to Aggression | Psych Central News @

Medical News:Sugary Drinks Tied to More Heart Attacks - in Cardiovascular, Myocardial Infarction from MedPage Today

More trans fat consumption linked to greater aggression

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increased risk of heart disease in men

Medical News:Eating More Red Meat May Mean Quicker Death - in Primary Care, Diet & Nutrition from MedPage Today

Red meat found to be a good mood food

Thyme may be better for acne than prescription creams @ if only I had know this 30 years ago!

Misc Health – some interesting studies that I couldn’t put directly in other categories

Medical groups recommend ending routine use of 45 tests and procedures | MinnPost
Aspirin Reduces Cancer Risk @

Aspirin to prevent and treat cancer: The evidence continues to build @

Why getting healthy can seem worse than getting sick @ I have often wondered about this

Pain relievers could be spiking your blood pressure  @ beware ibuprofen!

Scientists study effects of caffeine on exercise performance

Coffee, other stimulant drugs may cause high achievers to slack off: research

Some Medical Tests, Procedures Do More Harm Than Good - The Daily Beast @ a lot of overtesting going on. We are probably curing our own diseases constantly.

Deaths from strong prescription painkillers are on the increase, experts say @ overmedicating

Protecting cells: Evidence found for a neuronal switch to prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Fountain of youth in bile? Longevity molecule identified @ you don’t hear much about bile, which makes me think it is undervalued

Evolution of staph 'superbug' traced between humans and food animals | e! Science News

Stronger intestinal barrier may prevent cancer in the rest of the body, new study suggests | e! Science News @

Antibiotics ineffective for most sinus infections | e! Science News @ overmedicating / overuse of antibiotics

Sensing self and non-self: New research into immune tolerance

Feeding hormone ghrelin modulates ability of rewarding food to evoke dopamine release

Are you making your spring allergies worse? Five things that can aggravate your suffering

Spinal Manipulation or Home Exercise More Effective Than Medication for Acute Neck Pain, Study Finds | NCCAM

New possibilities for immune suppression through cyclic plant peptides

BBC - Future - Health - Will wet hair give you a cold? @ inconclusive, but Ive always wondered why we get more colds when it is cold.

Health insurance premiums will surpass median household income in 2033: study @!!!!!!!!

Shining light in the ears may alleviate SAD symptoms - @ ok , stimulate the third eye directly!

Misc Science – some other misc science studies

Radical theory explains the origin, evolution, and nature of life, challenges conventional wisdom @ This is really fascinating

Hyperactivity in brain may explain multiple symptoms of depression

Origami-inspired paper sensor could test for malaria and HIV for less than 10 cents, report chemists | e! Science News

Controversial study promoting psychic ability debunked

Sending out an SOS: How telomeres incriminate cells that can't divide


Stress other – effects of stress and mental illness related

Depression has big impact on stroke, TIA survivors

Greater traumatic stress linked with elevated inflammation in heart patients

How chronic stress short-circuits parenting

High blood pressure may lead to missed emotional cues

'Life force' linked to body's ability to withstand stress | e! Science News @

Yoga And Meditation Change Gene Response To Stress @

At last, a reason why stress causes DNA damage

Stress can affect future offspring

Anticipation of stressful situations accelerates cellular aging @

Even mild stress is linked to long-term disability, study finds @

Study shows how stress triggers immune system - @

Report: 1 in 5 adults had mental illness in 2010 - CBS News @

Americans are stressed, but we're getting used to it -

Relaxation response affects gene activity - Harvard Health Publications @ - the relaxation response review from Harvard

Stress wrecks intestinal bacteria, could keep immune system on idle | e! Science News @

That anxiety may be in your gut, not in your head | e! Science News

Stress changes how people make decisions @

How repeated stress impairs memory