Iran Sanctions تحریم ایران

Tracking the impact of U.S. sanctions on Iran civil aviation
By Henry Rome - March 2014 - @hrome2 -
This page expands on analysis I conducted as a reporter for The Jerusalem Post in the aftermath of the November 2013 Geneva nuclear agreement with Iran.

In a little-noticed provision of the agreement, Western powers relaxed sanctions on Iran’s civil aviation sector. Iran’s civil aviation fleet has one of the most dismal safety records in the world, largely due to sanctions.1 The West believes that Iran uses its civilian planes to ferry weapons and fighters to Syria.

In order to illustrate this dilemma, I designed a ScrollKit graphic that traces the fate of a single aircraft. On this page, I expand the analysis to track the fates of all the sanctioned Iranian aircraft.2 

The data below is gathered from a variety of sources. Specifics about the aircraft are from the U.S. Treasury Department. The date of first flight is from I designed a screen-scraping algorithm to access accident data from

1 In total, the United States designated 117 aircraft operated by Iranian airlines as supporting terrorism or proliferation by Tehran.

2 The devastating nature of sanctions, and the state of Iran's civil aviation industry, are not disputed; however, causally linking U.S. action and specific aviation accidents is difficult. I do not claim to substantiate such a link.

I am not able to independently verify the circumstances of each accident.