Parenting Classes

Our 12 and 52 week parenting courses will teach you life skills that will not only improve your experience as a parent, but will help you in any inter-personal relationship. We will review how to manage difficult emotions such as frustration, anger, and anxiety in a healthy way, We will discuss how to express our thoughts, feelings and needs in an effective manner, and learn realistic tools to help us remain calm during times of turmoil. We will learn tools to increase our impulse control and our ability to make responsible decisions that we can be proud of. In our parenting course, we will learn about the stages of childhood development so that we can better understand how to relate to and interact with our children based on their age and cognitive abilities. In class we review different styles of effective and ineffective parenting, then thoughtfully explore how to incorporate positive methods to teach, discipline, and encourage our children in our daily lives. Above all, we will learn how to take better care of ourselves, and become the best role models we can for our children.