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2011 Season
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June 20 Palisades Creek Trail
July 3 Alder Creek Rd  pictures of flowers.past the pavement on Alder Creek .  Pass the small parking area to the gravel road going toward the Euer  Valley, look to the right.

Sept 23, 2001 Half Dome - Last year, the club hiked Half Dome in Yosemite, but we don't have any pictures so we are posting the pictures taken this year by one of our members

2010 Season
Highlighted hikes are Western States Trail
Monthdate MondaydateFriday
 May   7
 Peachstone to Rucky Chucky
Green Gate to Brown's Bar

Sagehen Creek
 June   4
Emigrant Trail - TD to Prosser
  7Hunter Lake, Reno 11Michigan Bluff to Peachstone
  14Jones-White Loop, Reno
 18Last Chance to Michigan Bluff
  21 D.L. Bliss to Emerald Bay 25Palisade Creek Trail
  28Mt. Judah Loop 
 July   2Pauley Creek Trail
9Western States
Ward Canyon to Tahoe City
Western States
Barker Pass to Twin Peaks
Glen Alpine to Echo Lake
Winnamucca Lake
Squaw Valley to Michigan Bluff
Aug.   2
Sierra Buttes Lookout
Meeks Bay to Eagle Falls
Big Meadows to Dardanelles Lake
Mt. Tallac

Warren Lake / Paradise Lake
PCT to Peter Grub Hut
 25, 26, 27
 Emigrant Wilderness Backpack Trip
 Sept  30
Glacier Way to Frog Lake
Mt. Lola / White Rock 
Powderhorn Lake
Packer Lake to Salmon Lake
Donner Summit to Squaw
Mr. Ellis from Blackwood Canyon
Tour de Alpine
Spooner Lake to Marlette Lake
Oct.   4
Loch Leven Lakes 

West Keystone

Mt. Tallac

Western States Trail

Last Chance To Michigan Bluff