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Step #1

Choose your partners to make a group of three students.

Explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute website to build background about the Civil Rights Movement.

Visit the National Youth Leadership Council webpage to gain understanding about what Service-Based Learning is.


Step #2

Visit the following websites to see what community services occurred during the Civil Rights Movement.

Learn about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks at  their website.

Read about the exhibits at the Civil Rights Museum  on their  webpage.

Understand more about sit-ins during the movement.

At the NSCC (Nonviolent Student Coordinating Committee) webpage you will find more information about the service projects that took place from 1960-1966.


With your group answer the following questions:

What will we be doing?

Who will benefit from the project?

What do we need in order to do our project?

(Use Thinking Maps to organize your ideas.)

This will be your Action Plan


Then organize how you are going to collect and show your progress.

You can take pictures, create a timeline, etc.


Step #3

Take action!


Step #4

Once you finish, your group will create a poster with the information you collected and teach the class about your Service-Based Learning projects and what you learned about the Civil Rights Movement.