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Orange Crush

Supplies Needed:

 -I am using PSPX2

 -General Knowledge of PSP

 -PTU Scrapkit Orange Crush by Designs by Sarah which you can purchase

 -PTU Pinup Art Keith Garvey which you can purchase

 -Template 22 which you can download

 -Filters dsb flux and xero flittary.

 -Font of choice

Let's Get Started:

 (I do not and will not give you every single detail of this tag,
if you are experienced in tagging you already know the tricks, but
I don't like exact copies, and neither should you. You are creative!
Please add your flair to this tutorial, similiarity is just fine).
 Open template, Delete copyright layer.
 Also can use tip 2 to add frames to the layers, which I have
done to some.
 I also just changed some colors to the layers to match the kit/pinup.

 When I do that I just had a flux or flittary to the layer.
Add papers of choice, from the kit, to the layers by using
tip 1 (this can be found to your left under tips).

This are elements I used from the kit, please resize and add
drop shadows as desired. Also see example for placement issues.
arrow1: place to the upper left of the tag.
bow1: place on top of layer raster 1.
bow3: place on top of layer raster 2.
button: place twice, where desired.
candy1: place under the wordart.
cupcakes: place under the wordart.
gumballmachine: under the wordart.
ipod: on the bottom right side.
lolli2: under the wordart.
milkshake: under the wordart by o.
print: paste and send to bottom, I like these to "peek" outside
the edges of the tag.
puma: resize and place in the upper right of the tag.
ribbon1: paste under the big heart layer and bring to bottom.
ribbon2: under ribbon1.
ribbon3: under ribbon2.
ribbon4: under ribbon3.
Place these as desired.

 Use font of choice to add name of choice to the tag.


Please use proper licensing information with your tag.
Enjoy Your New Tag: