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Nerdy By Nature

Supplies Needed:

 -I am using PSPX2.

 -General Knowledge of PSP.

 -PTU Scrapkit Nerdy cutie by Designs by Sarah which you can purchase here.

 -PTU Pinup Art Arthur Crowe which you can purchase here.

 -Template #35 by me which you can download here.

 -Filters dsb flux and xero flittary.

 -Font of choice

Let's Get Started:
 (I do not and will not give you every single detail of this tag, 
if you are experienced in tagging you already know the tricks, but
I don't like exact copies, and neither should you. You are creative! 
Please add your flair to this tutorial, similiarity is just fine).

 Open template, Delete copyright layer.

 Add pinup to the center, don't forget your copyright. Also add
her face in the twin circles, change the layer effects to your choice.
 Also can use tip 2 to add frames to the layers, which I have 
done to some.
 I also just changed some colors to the layers to match the kit/pinup.
 When I do that I just had a flux or flittary to the layer. 


Add papers of choice, from the kit, to the layers by using
tip 1 (this can be found to your left under tips and tricks)

This are elements I used from the kit, please resize and add
drop shadows as desired. 

backdrop2: resize and send to bottom.

string2: place under the pinup (see example).

star1: resize, place twice and place in the long rectangles (see ex).

dots: paste above backdrop2.

phone: resize and place under the wordart.

books: resize and place under your pinup on the left side.


 Use font of choice to add name of choice to the tag.


Please use proper licensing information with your tag

Enjoy Your New Tag: