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I Want to Play


Supplies Needed:

*PSP and a working knowledge of it*

*Tube of choice, for this I am using the Artwork of The Hunter which you can purchase here*

*Scrapkit Rock Me by Sarah at PMTW/S which you can purchase here*

*Template #16 by me*

Filters Used: DSB FLUX, XERO Flittary

Let's Get Started:

Open Template.

Delete copyright layer.

I went ahead and placed my tube, you can place where I did or place your tube of choice wherever.

Template Layers and Kit Papers:

To add papers to layers of the template, I select the layer, go to SELECTIONS-SELECT ALL-FLOAT-

DEFLOAT-paste paper-SELECTIONS-INVERT-THEN DELETE-SELECT NONE. You can delete the original template

layer if you want to. Now do this for the following papers on the following layers:

PP6 on layer 4 add drop shadow if desired.

PP4 on layer 1, add drop shadow if desired, go to layer properties and select Soft Light.

PP7 on layers 7 & 9, drop shadow if desired.

PP2 on layer 6, drop shadow if desired.

PP10 on layer 3, drop shadow if desired.

For Layer 2 add noise, move down below the rectangle & a drop shadow.

For Layer 5 add xero flittary & drop shadow.

To add a face image of the pinup in layer 1 use the same steps as adding a paper and then select

screen in your layer property toolbar.


See preview for placement concerns.

Print1: copy&paste behind layer 1.

Grunge1: copy&paste and send to bottom, bring down (as seen in preview).

Grunge2: copy&paste and send to bottom, bring down (as seen in preview).

Musicnotebutterfly: copy&paste and place below the workdart.

Star2: copy&paste and send to bottom but bring this up to the right corner.

String1: copy&paste under your tube but above layer1.

Bow2: resize as desired and copy&paste place in the upper left corner of layer1.

Ribbon1: c&p below musicnotbutterfly.

Ribbon2: c&p below ribbon1.

Speakers: resize and paste into the upper right corner.

Star: resize and paste ontop center of bow2.

Musicnote1: resize and place on the bottom right.

String2: paste below string1.


I added xero fritarry to the PLAY word.

Add name of choice with font of choice.

Don't Forget:

*add proper copyright*

*enjoy your new taggy*