Happy Leap Day!

It is Feb 29, the last day of Hunter being our Artist of the Month!  Thank you so much Hunter it was awesome!  Today also ends our birthday party.  Prizes will start being given out tomorrow!  It was an awesome party!  Thank you all for joining us!
Dust off your Camilla Drakenborg tubes everyone, she is March's Artist of the Month!  Wee are in the process of scheduleing a live chat with her!  Our Up Your Art contest will be under support your artists.  And for March month only, you must use your Camilla Tubes.
In other news, the Tagger's Den is being mentioned in the Tagger's Art E-Zine.  Check it out!
We also have some brand new challenges fr you all to check out!
Thank you all for being such awesome members!
Admin Team @ Tagger's Den