Biographical Note

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1918 Born in Fnkuoka in the Kyushyu  region of Japan.

l930 Became interested in painting and started producing own oil pointings.

l933 From this period he took on a surrealistic style.

l937 Participated in a group exhibition  of Japanese avant-garde artists

     (Dokuritsu-Bijutsu, Bijutsu Bunka).

l938-1943 Drafted and sent to the southern front, but continued to paint

     and draw in secret. Sent his work  for exhibition at the Ueno Art Museum.

l946-1949 In the chaos after the war he returned to pointing with even greater

     devotion and joined a group of artists devoted to modern art.

l950 Joined the Japanese Artists Club, an association of avant-garde artists

     including Taro Okamoto and Ichiro Fnkuzawa.

1954 First trip to Europe. First personal exhibition in Paris (LA GENTIL-

     HOMMIERE Gallery). Invited to exhibit for the first time at Salon de

     Realites Nouvelles.

1955 Invited again to exhibit at the Salon des Realites Nouvelles.

1958 Completed a murai of ceramic tiles at Arita, Kyushu, Japan.

1960 Second trip to Europe. Second personal exhibition in Paris

     (Simone HELLER Gallery)

 Invited to exhibit at the Salon des Comparaisons.

1961 Trip to Greece, Egupt and the Middle East, including visits to the remains

     of the antique period.

1966 Third trip to Europe. Third personal exhibition in Paris at Simone Heller.

     On his way home first visit to the United States and Mexico including

     the Yuca peninsula .


1968 Produced a documentary film (60 minutes) in color on the ancient

     decorated tombs of Japan, entitled  "Boat omd Sun",

1970 Fourth trip to Europe. Fourth personal exhibition in Paris at Simone Heller.

     Visited several countries and became particularly interested in Etruscan art
as well as ancient engravings.


1971 Made two large murals, one "Boat 
and Sun" (10 x 3m), one in the city 
 hall of Kitakyushu, the other (3x3m) at Kyushu Technical University.
1972 Visited Athens and Scandinovian  Countries.
1973 Studied mosaic art works at Ravenna, Italy.
1974 Made a relief type mural entitled  "Sea and Sun" in the town hall of 
 Ashiya. Founded the Tagoya Art  Museum near his home at Ashiya 
 for exhibition oi own and others art work.
1975 Visited Europe, particularly Italy and Switzerland.
1976 Visited Europe, particularly Italy and Spain.
1977 Invited to participate in an exhibition  of contemporary Japanese artists. 
     Started a kiln for burning ceramics  near his home . Published a collection
     of his paintings.
1978 Trip to Europe. Exhibition of the "Man and Sun" series at the Toshin 
      Gallery, Tokyo. Member of the permanent  committee for biannual exhibition from Asia. 
      Designed a tapestry at the Kawashima textile fabric in Kyoto .
1979 Trip to India and Nepal. Made three  decorative murals for three nursery 
     schools in Kyushu ,

1980 Trip to Europe, Produced three  collections of pictures.

1981 Large exhibition of oil paintings and  porcelain at Fukuoka City Museum.

     Awarded Japon Culture Prize ,

1982 Trip to Europe. Made large decorative mural for the city hall in Mizumaki.

     Exhibition of cercmic tiles in Fukuoka.

1983 Trip to Tonkou in China, Held an  exhibition of the 80 most promising

     Japanese artists at the Tagaya Museum.

1984 Trip to Europe. Exhibition in Osaka, Made a number of pointed dishes.

1985 Trip to Europe. Designed a thick  curtain in Kitokyushu Citizens Hall.

1986 Trip to Europe. Exhibited a monument to invoke peace at Space Ishii

     in Tokyo.

1987 Exhibition Kitakyushu & Sweden.

1988 Exhibition in Kitakyusyu municipal art museum.

1995 Died for cerebral thrombosis. Age at death 77 years old.