Welcome to Taft College Tutoring!

What We Do:

 The Taft College Tutors help students through dedicated one-on-one or one-on-two appointments. Tutors work with students in understanding concepts and/or processes and improving the application of skills. This is done by following the tutoring cycle and using discussion and examples. The tutor and student determine what they will focus on throughout the appointment and how to work on it. Towards the end of the appointment, students are asked to demonstrate and explain what they have gained as a result of the tutoring appointment.

Taft College is proud to offer free tutoring to all Taft College Students. Tutoring is done on campus and through distance-learning options. For more information, please visit the links to the left.

In addition to Classified Tutors, we also have Student Tutors. If you want to know more information about making an appointment with a student tutor or if you would like to BE a student tutor, please click here!


In addition to tutoring, we also offer:
  • FREE computer use with internet access
  • Quiet study area
Tutors are located in the Learning Center within the Taft College Library. Go through the double doors of the library and walk straight forward to the center desk.

Students using Open Labs