World Taekwondo Comjuka Federation Rules Behavior and Etiquette 


1. Arrive on time for class.

2. Whenever you arrive late for class, bow in and wait for permission, then bow in again and join the class.

3. Be in a mental attitude to train.

4. While inside or near the dojang talk quietly.

5. While inside or near the dojang behave properly.

6. Remove your shoes before entering the dojang.

7. Always wear a clean uniform.

8. Remove jewelry before training.

9. No food, beverages, or gum allowed inside the dojang.

10. Do not interrupt a class that is in session.

11. Always use two hands to give or receive anything from the grandmaster or master.

12. When called upon by the grandmaster or master answer, “yes sir or no sir” and “yes mam or no mam”.

13. Help keep the dojang clean and orderly.

14. Do not demonstrate or teach tae kwon do outside the dojang without permission.

15. Obtain permission before entering in any outside tournaments or competitions.

16. Always be a positive example, do not disgrace your grandmaster, master or your school.