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                       DEFINITION OF TAEKWONDO

Tae Kwon Do can be defined today as the integrated system of techniques of body movement, executed with maximum power, speed, accuracy, and balance, which enables the trainee to convert their entire potential ability into actual ability.

The meaning of the three Korean words used in naming Tae Kwon Do are:

Tae: The system of techniques involving striking, or kicking with the foot.

Kwon: The system of techniques involving striking, or hitting with the hand.

Do: The art of experiencing the ultimate being through physical and metaphysical enlightenment.


The practice of Tae Kwon Do will have a positive influence on the personality and moral character of the student. Through diligent training the student will ultimately reach the goal of attaining the highest of physical, intellectual and spiritual growth possible.
The student should strive at all levels of learning and rank to develop and display the following 5 basic qualities of character.

COURTESY: to be polite, exhibiting in manner and speech a warm regard for the feelings and dignity of others.
INTEGRITY: uprightness of character, honesty.
PERSEVERANCE: to continue to strive forward in spite of difficulty.
SELF-CONTROL: the ability to have ones faculties or energies controlled by to power of their will.
INDOMITABLE SPIRIT: to preserver, the undefeatable vital essence of man, the unconquerable heart.


  1. HONESTY: Be truthful in all your dealings, maintain a high moral standard.
  2. DILIGENCE: Hard work and enthusiasm breed success. Do everything to the best of your ability.
  3. COOPERATION: Working with others, giving and receiving help brings success.
  4. COURAGE: Always seek truth and justice, stand for what is right, lead by example. 

Kwan Jang Nim Romy P. Aguilar

Master Instructor
Sabum Nim Johnny P. Aguilar

Kyobum Nim Manuelito M. Pineda

Vice President 
Kyosan Nim Joel J. Hermosilla

VP - Internal Affairs
Kyosan Nim Raymund Y. Villanueva

VP - External Affairs
Sir Jojo Buscato

Kyosan Nim Jonathan R. Miguel

Kyosan Nim Ricardo M. Pineda

Sir Allimer S. De vera

Asst. Secretary
Kyosan Nim Fely F. Hermosilla

Asst. Auditor
Kyosan Nim Ray Daug

Stg. At Arms
Mrs. Cherry Ann Miguel

Stg. At Arms
Kyosan Nim Renante M. Pineda

Chapter Instructress / WIMAC President
Kyobum Nim Judy A. Lobaton

Chapter Intructress / WIMAC Vice President
Kyobum Nim Dymyr Lobaton

Kyo Bum Nim Ghazwan Yaghmour

Asst. Instructor 
Kyosan Nim Elvin A. Bamo 

Asst. Instructress
Kyosan Nim Kathleen Rae D.C Villanueva

Asst. Instructor
Kyosan Nim Isidro Olid

Asst. Instructor
Kyosan Nim Jansen Hermosilla

Sunbae Nim Aaron Ray D.C. Villanueva

Sunbae Nim Gymgy Lobaton

Sunbae Nim Alen Buscato

Sunbae Nim Carlson Casenas

Sunbae Nim Gerald Dela Rea

Sunbae Nim Joyce Orillano

 Kyo San Nim Marlon Morato
Asst. Instructor

Kyo Bum Nim Proceso Marques

Chapter Instructors
(Sabum nim)Marlon Morato, Aldrin Palinar, Pablito Balag,   Johnny Aguilar,  Ernie Aguilar 















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