Taecojuka F.A.Q.


One of the most common questions I get asked

is  "How do I avoid a street confrontation in the

 first place?"

The first subject we are going to look at is awareness.

Awareness is by far the most important part of your self defense arsenal.

It is MORE important than any physical self defense technique.

Without awareness, everything else falls apart.

You can break this down into 3 parts...

1. Awareness of your environment.

2. Awareness of yourself .. how you're going to react under stress.

3. Awareness of your enemy.

Firstly I want to cover environmental awareness. Most people walk around switched off. Environmental awareness will give you the opportunity to escape BEFORE a situation develops.

Basically, if you are not switched on, you are not going to see a situation developing and you are not going to react till it's too late.

One of the great ways of building up your environmental awareness is color codes.

Color code 'White' is switched off completely; we NEVER want to be in this mode.

We always want to be in the  next stage which  is 'yellow'. Color code yellow is not being paranoid - it's being aware of your surroundings and seeing what people are doing around you.

The next stage is 'orange'. Color code orange is where you see a potential threat and you have to evaluate it.

The final color is 'Red'. The threat is on... Red is commonly referred to as fight or flight - the perceived threat has escalated into an ACTUAL threat and you have to make the decision whether to fight or run. If the opportunity presents itself then always escape and only get involved in a physical alteration if you have no other choice.

"Ultimately, the more aware you are, the more you will prevent an attack. Practice using the Color Codes daily and integrate them into your training and daily living."


Romy Aguilar