The World Organizer of Martial Arts, Inc.


The World Organizer of Martial Arts –International Council for Higher Martial Arts Education was founded to

recognize and award martial artists for life-long dedication, accomplishment and learning study in the field of

martial arts and award the Doctorate degrees on “Life Experience”.

As an independent issuing body, it is perfectly proper to award degrees to those individuals through their hardearned

life experience in martial arts, have the right to be recognized. The PhD /MA degree is exclusively

presented to martial artists only for a long study with 25 years minimum or more in the field of martial arts.

Each recipient of a title, Doctor or Professor in Martial Arts is designated as a Fellow of the World Organizer of

Martial Arts. These individuals are listed in the World Registry of Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts Science in

our organization.

Welcome to the World Organizer of Martial Arts International Council for Martial Arts Higher Education The

W.O.M.A.-ICMAHE grants degrees under our own authority.

We have developed our own accreditation system and will grant degrees based upon their LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Our Degree Programs offer Doctorates only in Asian Martial Arts & Science Studies. It is expected

That our degree holders will not rely on these degrees to obtain employment, but only for professional Status

within the Martial Arts Community..

Our degrees will be awarded to martial artists who seek further Martial Arts education to improve their

qualifications, and who have demonstrated outstanding results in their field of expertise.


The W.O.M.A -ICHMAE is an independent educational institution, and a recognized division of the W.O.M.A Our

curriculum is designed for those seeking professional recognition, certification and licensing within the martial

arts world. The purpose of the W.O.M.A is to help its students unlock their minds, to find the keys to success

through the martial arts and through self-discovery.


The World Organizer of Martial Arts (WOMA) Inc. was founded in 1989 and in 1997 it was registered and

approved by the Secretary of State of Delaware in Wilmington, United States of America. In 1998 it is the

first launching to organize the headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the auspices of the

Prince Special Council for Sports and Martial Arts Special Office. With the Special Power and Authority

granted by the Prince Special Council Office to the WOMA-World Organizer of Martial Arts on May 01,


The WOMA was established to organize All-Martial Arts Practitioners to formed Unity and

brotherhood amongst martial artists. It promotes leadership, Unity, Respect and diligent works

towards improving abilities as well as one’s state of mind in martial arts. Since that time, the

WOMA has increased overall recognition of martial arts by joining the International martial arts

organization worldwide. In 2003 it was officially registered and approved by the Phil. Government

at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was approved by HIS HIGHNESS PRINCE BADER BIN


Authority to the WOMA -World Organizer of Martial Arts Dated May 01, 1997 It was been granted


Approved with Special Authority No.0390-004. By the year December 1, 1999 it was been

approved with authorization by the PRINCE SPECIAL COUNCIL SPECIAL COUNCIL OFFICE


In United States of America, it was registered in the State of Delaware, Office of the Secretary of

State Approved and certifies the Certificate of Incorporation of “WOMA INTERNATIONAL INC.

“Filed dated 23rd of May 1997, with Authentication No. 8485742 dated 05-29-97

And Registration No. 2754803-8100-971170599.

In the Republic of the Philippines, it is registered at the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE


Technical Vocational Education and Testing In accordance with the Corporate Code of the

Philippine Government. Approved By the Philippine Government the registration of

WORLD ORGANIZER OF MARTIAL ARTS (WOMA) INC.Duly Approved by the Commission with

Certificate of Incorporation. The Company Registration No. CN200262825 Dated 17th of January


Support-Sponsorship and Organization of Various Championships

The WOMA organize the Open Invitational Martial Arts Tournament for Taekwondo, Kungfu, Shotokan,

Goju Ryu, Shito Ryu, Aikido, Jujitsu, Aikijutsu, Shorin Ryu, Wado Ryu, Isshinryu, Kempo, Kuntaw, Sikaran

was first held in 1999. This championship is currently held every year in June in order to determine the top

martial arts practitioners internationally.

Testing, Management and Organization of Technical Grading

The WOMA in cooperation with the BOMAC-Board of Martial Arts Council, an authorized

accreditation of certification Office for martial Arts testing and for Referees and Judges

examination, testing, management and organization of standards applied in the testing of officials,

instructors, practitioners.

Grading and Seminars sessions are frequently organized by both organizations with cooperation

with other club organization in order to improve techniques of participants.

Organization of National Teams to train members Competitors

The practitioners are selected from every level of competition tournament fro special training sessions held

in order to improve the level of competitive skills, national and international competitions.

Support and Management of Membership

The WOMA manages the All Sports Martial Arts representing each individual clubs and organizations into

a single organization. WOMA members are able to serve in an official capacity internationally as

participants in competitions and as a graded martial arts practitioners.

International Cooperating and Competition Organization

Shotokan – Shorin Ryu – Goju Ryu – Wado Ryu – Isshinryu – Shito Ryu-Taekwondo – Kungfu Jujitsu

Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate-Do Association -Shidokan Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-Do Association –

Shinbukai Shotokan Karate Academy International – JKA/ ISKF Bushido Budo Ryu-Japan Karate

Association-World Federation Shito Ryu Karate-Do International-India Kokusai Goju Karate-Do

Philippines-Reyes Goju Ryu International Brotherhood Karate-Do – IBK/JKA Maharlika International

Shotokan Association-MISA Shotokan Tiger Karate-Do Association-STKA/JKA Oriental Kempo Martial

Arts Club-OKMAC International Shotokan Sensei Karate-Do –India International Shotokan Sensei Martial

Arts Federation Desert Tiger Shotokan Karate-Do –Nepal Desert Tiger Taekwondo Martial Arts Jim’s

Shotokan Karate-Do Phickaju Martial Arts International Taekwondo Kickers Association Black Mamba

Shorin Ryu Karate-Do Stingray Karate-Do Martial Arts Damac Shotokan Karate-Do Federation Tian

Chuan Fa Gungfu Martial Arts Dragon Kungfu Martial Arts

International Unification of Karatedo and other Martial Arts

By establishment of Referees and Judges Standards International Rules and regulations competition are

studied by the Technical Advisory Council Committee of the WOMA-TACC and they formed the BOMACBoard

of Martial Arts Council for Referees and Judges prior adopted and patterned the WUKO rules in

1999 and have respected as the official rules of international competitions. In 2003 the BOMAC Referees

and Judges train and have a frequently seminars for WKF-World Karate Federation rules and regulations

to be followed as the standards rules for international competitions.

Promotion and Support of National and International Competition

· 1989 WOMA was established and formed 1st Inter-Club Tournament held at Al-Shati

Recreational Sports Club, Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

· 1990 WOMA formed different martial arts club to be recognized by the organization.

· 1997 WOMA was officially registered and approved by the Secretary of State of Delaware,

United States of America.

· 1998 WOMA formed the BOMAC-Board of Martial Arts Council to train Referees and Judges for

national and international standards.

· 1999 WOMA 1st Open All Invitational Martial Arts Tournament in cooperation with The Prince

Special Council for Sports and Martial Arts Special Office.

· 1999 WOMA in cooperation with host clubs schedule (3-4) three to four times a year


· 2003-WOMA was officially registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

· 2000 WOMA in cooperating club host tournament 3-4 times a year.

· 2001 WOMA in cooperating club host tournament 3-4 times a year.

· 2002 WOMA in cooperating club host tournament 3-4 times a year.

· 2003 WOMA in cooperating club host tournament 3-4 times a year.

· 2004 WOMA in cooperation with Bushido Budo Ryu International Martial Arts Tournament held

at Jubail Sports Center, Jubail, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cooperating Martial Arts Organization in WOMA

These groups are members with different styles/system participates in the Open all Invitational Martial Arts

Tournament in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

· Arku Tai Pa Martial Arts Club · Bushido Budo Ryu Dojo · Blackmaster Okinawa Kyokushinjitsu ·

Blackmaster Goju Ryu and Tomarite Karate-Do · Blackmaster Special Forces Marine Commando · Black

Scorpion Combat Martial Arts · Combat Kungfu Society · Combat Taekwondo & Jiujutsu Martial Arts ·

Dragon Combat Kungfu Society · Eagle Claw Consolidated Martial Arts · International Kuntaw Federation ·

Jeet Combat Martial Arts · Judo Arnis Karate Martial Arts Association · Kyoku-Jutsu Self Defense

International · Lakas Katorse International · Lhung Sil Lum Gungfu Society · JP Sikaran International · Red

Cobra Martial Arts Federation · Red Cobra Kyokushin Kai Kan · Red Cobra Absedario Arnis-Karate Do ·

Red Cobra Kyokushinkai Self Defense · Shokendo American Martial Arts Association · Tian Chuan Fa

Martial Arts Society · Tiger Dragon Athletic Association · World Eskrido Federation · Singaporean Kungfu

Association · Desert Cobra Martial Arts Association · Brandon Wushu Wing Chun Federation · Knight

Python Karate-Do Association · Kyosho Karate-Do International · Black Viper Martial Arts Association ·

Taecojuka –Aikido Combat Martial Arts · Balaraw Double X Combat Judoka Phil. · World Sikaran

Brotherhood of the Phil. · Sikaran Jitsu Arnis Self Defense · Arnis Lapunti International · Black Commando

Judo karate Association Hong Kong · Black Panther Consolidated Martial Arts Hong Kong · Mongoose

Cobra martial Arts association · International Freestyle Self Defense Martial Arts Association