History of Arnis


“Arnis” is a Chabacano word that comes from the Spanish word “Arnes” which literally means armor.  “Arnis de Mano” literally means “armor of the hand” but has reference to hands as a weapon or empty hands fighting or fighting without the use of a weapon which is also known as “Panantukan”.  This technique may also incorporate the use of the elbows, knees and feet, take downs and ground fighting in general which is known as “Dumog”. The expression “Filipino Arnis” has reference to the martial arts in general as a whole that are practiced in the Philippines Islands. “Escrima” was called “Kali” before the coming of the Spanish, Catholicism and Christianity to the Philippines Islands. “Kali” means blade or sword in many of the tribal dialects and the art in general was known as “Kali” until the end of the 16th. Century.  “Escrima” is a Chabacano or Spanish word that literally means skirmish or fight and is used by the Spanish and Filipinos for a sword fight or even a dueling art between two or more combatants. 


12 Angles of Kali