Gears - Protectors - Equipment


Stricking Pad


Split Puching Pad


Focus Mitt


Single Target


Double Target


Target with Handle Part



Chest Guard 01


Chest Guard 02


Chest Guard 03


Woman Chest Guard


Makiwara Board


White Martial Arts Shoes


Black Martial Arts Shoes


Sparing Boot 01


Sparing Boot 02


Sparing Boot 03



Compression Short


Dummy Opponent Bag 01


Dummy Opponent Bag 02


 Punching Bags 01



Punching Bags 02


Short Standing Punching Bags


 Heavy Standing Punching Bag


 Punching Dummy


 Stretching Bar


 Speeding Bag


 Leg Stretcher



 Traning Sword












Mouth Guard - Double


Mouth Guard - Single  


 Elbow protector 


Wrist Protector


Hand Protector


Hand Protector ( Thick pad on fist )


Groin Protector


Forearm Protector


Forearm and Hand Protector


Shin Protector


Shin and Instep Protector


Elbow Support


Shin Support


Wrist Wrap Support 


Knee Support


Ankle Support


Knee Protector



Low Kick Knee Pad


Lumber Support


Thigh Support


Double Padded Shinguards


Head Gear 01


Head Gear 02


Stick Fighters Headguard


Stick Fighters Bodyguard


Stick Fighters Gloves


Stick Fighters Arm Pads



Flexibility Machine


Stricking Dummy