Martial Arts Flexibility














Many people who engage in martial arts training become extremely flexible in both leg hip and shoulder joints. Such training takes time and a lot of practice, but no particular special talent.

 While an adult might require more time becoming flexible during martial arts training than a child, it is certainly possible for adults who have never performed a sport or  a martial art form in their life to become just as flexible as the experts you see in the movies, with a little bit of extra time and effort.

 Flexibility in the martial arts field is extremely important in order to correctly perform many of the moves and techniques of various forms.

Many kicking drills, for example, require that people be able to kick to the level  of someone's shoulder or head. Without being flexible, this is not going to happen.

 In addition, many of the kicks in many different forms of martial arts must be performed in a backward kicking position where flexibility is essential to maintain balance and yet with the strength necessary for an effective blow.

 Martial arts flexibility may take as little as a few weeks or a few years to perfect, but it is possible through stretching moves and exercises performed on a daily basis.

This does not mean that you have to spend an  hour or two every day stretching and flexing, but merely a few minutes either in the morning or at bedtime to loosen the joints in various areas

of the body. 

Grandmaster Romy P.Aguilar