Supply Chain Engineering Lab.

Supply Chain Engineering Lab. will establish the research framework for analyzing, designing and developing the competitive supply chain {strategy, policy and operational plans} based on the engineering approach including the optimization and simulation techniques. The research topics should be evolved according to the recent and updated status of business environment. Thus, we won't limit research topics and views to the certain area ourselves and extend them by incorporating new agenda and business concerns. From the top-level business strategy to the detailed execution level, it would be expected that a lot of concerns and business issues could be appeared and then should be deliberately studied for satisfying the given missions for supply chain management.

Major Research Topics and Directions :

[1] Development of Optimization Models for Supply Chain Integration
  • Uncovering new areas for intelligent supply chain system
  • Adoption of new technologies for supply chain optimization
  • Advanced integration for Sustainable Closed-loop supply chain
[2] Inventory Design for Supply Chain Strategies
  • Strategical development for inventory design for assuring the competitive supply chain
  • Optimized Product Variery Management
  • Effective Product Lifecycle Management(New Product Introduction, End-Of-Life Management)

[3] Human Factors in Advanced Logistics System
  • Human-Machine Integration for logistics system
  • Development of optimization model to integrated design for logistics system
  • Consideration of physical - psychological aspects for logistics system design