Supply Chain Engineering Lab.

Supply Chain Engineering Lab. will establish the research framework for analyzing, designing and developing the competitive supply chain {strategy, policy and operational plans} based on the engineering approach including the optimization and simulation techniques. The research topics should be evolved according to the recent and updated status of business environment. Thus, we will limit our topics and views to the certain area and extend the research areas by incorporating new agenda and business concerns. From the top-level business strategy to the detailed execution level, it would be expected that a lot of concerns and business issues could be appeared and then should be deliberately studied for satisfying the given missions for supply chain management.
Taebok Kim, who is a director as well as assitant for Supply Chain Engineeing Lab., is a currently Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering, Hanyang University in Republic of Korea from September 2016.  After obtaining his master degree from POSTECH in 1993, he joined KAF(Korea Air-Force Academy) as a faculty member of the Department of Industrial Engineering for his military service. And then, he returned to POSCO(Pohang Steel & Iron Co.) as an Industrial Engineer in POSCO(Pohang Steel & Iron Co.) from the year of 1996 to 2001 before starting his Ph.D program. After completing his Ph.D program and prior to joining this school, he was a deputy manager at the Group for Supply Chain Management in SAMSUNG Electronics Co.. During the period when he worked at SAMSUNG, his major role was to support SCM-related business activities for several business units.   In 2006, he joined the faculty member at Graduate School of Logistics, Incheon National University.  Thus far, he has published several papers at several peer-reviewed international journals such as OMEGA-International Journal of Management Science, Transportation Research - Part E, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, and so on. Originally, he has studied a lot of problems in area of economic lot-sizing problem since it must be one of critical and essential problem sets which are needed for operating any kind of a big or practical supply chain. In other words, any supply chain is regarded as a serial set of lot-sizing decision between two linked supply chain actors. Bascially, his basic research topics stem from this basic lot-sizing decision by incorporating another interesting and practical issues such as pricing, quality, lead-time, supply chain contract, etc.  Recently, he has been studying several interesting problems managing the efficient operations of RTI(Returnable Transport Items) for economical forward-reverse or even closed-loop supply chain.  In addition, his major research interests include the optimal design of integrated supply chain design and logistics system, the ergonomic design for logistics system. Detailed information about the publications could be found at the site for Google Scholar. Also, he has been serving for several international peer-reviewed journals with a duty of  Editorial Board Member for them. These journals are Int. J. Inventory Research, Int. J. Remanufacturing, Scientia Iranica - Transaction E, JIPE(Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering), Logistics, and so on. He has been enjoying making a new research challenge and partnership with anyone who has the common research interests and motivation around the world.