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Share your resources and make money. 

Teachers work hard planning lessons.  Using TADO, teachers can save valuable time by building their cadre of resources and connecting with their colleagues. TADO believes this exchange of resources allows teachers to build their competency and improve student learning while making money.

TADO offers you selling power, which in turn elevates your resources on websites such as Teacherspayteachers.com (TPT) and the TADO store.  The goal is to create a single user group which has the power to create more buyer interest on Teacherspayteachers.com.  Working together, gives us important selling power and online recognition.  TADO is a team of people who have connections on the internet and are linked to online educator communities around the world. TADO’s network will allow your products to reach a vast number of interested buyers.  TADO offers experience, social networking connections, and support to design your products to sell faster, and more frequently.


Sellers have the opportunity to share their resources and earn money from buyers. Join us as a seller to maximize the benefit of your hard work. Click on Seller to learn how easy it is to begin.

TADO has its own store on this site.  Products sold through this site will result in a larger percentage return for the seller.


Your quarterly payouts will be transferred to you via PayPal by the 21st of the month following the close of each quarter. If you do not have a PayPal Account, please sign up for one as soon as possible at http://www.PayPal.com. It's easy! Once you set it up, return to your Paypal information page and submit your PayPal email address. We will not be able to send you your earnings until you do so. 

The Paypal information page can be found at: Paypal information form

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