Gene Therapy: should we or shouldn't we?

What is Gene Therapy?
    Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. The ways that this is done are as follows:
  • Inserting a normal gene to replace an abnormal gene (most common)
  • Swapping an abnormal gene for a normal one
  • Repairing an abnormal gene
  • Altering the degree to which a gene is turned on or off

What is Gene Therapy?

Click here to enter the Extraterrestrial Gene Therapy Lab! As Space Doctor, you'll use your gene therapy knowledge to treat three ailing aliens who come into your clinic.

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Your Genes, Your Choices

Click on the chapters to read about each unique problem. What would you do?

Chapter 1
Martin Needs Medical Treatment (or does he?)

Chapter 2

Priya Should Find Out if She Has Inherited a  Fatal Disease (or should she?)

Chapter 3
Howard's Health Is Up to Him (or is it?)

Chapter 4
Carlos and Mollie Can Have a Perfectly  Healthy Baby (or can they?)

Chapter 5
Donita Should Cooperate with the Police  (or should she?)

Chapter 6
John and Elsa Will Profit from Biotech Farming  (or will they?)

Chapter 7
Dr. Lu's Patients Have the Right to Be Tall  (or do they?)

Chapter 8
Mrs. Fister Can Replace Her Dying Son  (or can she?)


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Gene Therapy and Blindness