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Open Bait Competition 2015

Trimblestown Rehabilitation Works July2014

OPW The Mill 2014

Open Bait Competition April 27th 2014

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Club Members Photos

Pat Peppard Cup 2011

William Anderson Cup 2011

Gerry Lee Presentation

Presentation for William Anderson Cup 2009

Photos by Denis of competitors on May17

Here are some old  photos of days gone by on the river...please keep sending them in and we will post them here.

Times past on the River Boyne


Hay Making Festival 2013

YouTube Video

OpenBait Comp April2012

Haymaking Festival June 2011

Searle Cup 29May2011

Lough Currane Specimen Trout


Boyne in Flood Nov2009

Pike Competition, by Denis O'Donovan

Some fishy photos....

Denis O'Donovan,
28 Apr 2014, 15:00