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ITFFA Leinster Qualifier

posted 5 Sep 2016, 02:57 by Denis O'Donovan

The ITFFA Leinster Qualifier fishing competition takes place on the 1st October on Lough Owel. 
Club allotted 4 competitors, two boats must be provided by same . 
Venue : Lough Owel, start tome 10am, finish 6pm . 

A fee of 20 euro paid by each competitor ( with competitors name ) to the following .
Noel Shiels
3 Woodstown Abbey
A draw will take place for boat partners.
By 15th September.

ITFFA Fundraiser

posted 21 Jul 2016, 02:27 by Trimathboy Anglers

Sunday 14th August sees a trout competition on Lough Lene.
The details of the competition are a team of 4 can fish together in 2 boats.
Entry fee is €50 euro for the team with the proceeds going to the ITFFA.Enquiries to Marc O'Regan at 087 9153002

French film crew in Trim

posted 24 May 2016, 14:23 by Trimathboy Anglers   [ updated 24 May 2016, 14:34 ]

Today we welcomed a French Film crew to town. They're making a one hour programme about fly fishing in Ireland and they spent the day on the Boyne in the capable hands of our Secretary, Pat O'Toole. 

Fly Fishing Programme on the Boyne

Oughterard International Mayfly Festival Weekend

posted 6 Apr 2016, 06:51 by Trimathboy Anglers

Oughterard Anglers and Boatmen Association would like to invite Trim, Athboy and District Anglers Association to send some members down to compete in the International Mayfly competition (8th May 2016). Attached is a poster with all the relevant details. Should anyone be interested and need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary, Brian Ferguson: fergbrian@gmail.com 

This may also be an opportunity to open up communications with your Club and investigating ways of promoting our sport, particularly to the younger generations. The club looks forward to hearing from you. 

Tight lines! 

Colin Wolfe


Oughterard Anglers & Boatmen Association

Clubhouse, Camp St, Oughterard, Co Galway, IRELAND.

Mobile: 0863992475

Telephone: 095 49052



2016 AGM

posted 16 Mar 2016, 16:23 by Trimathboy Anglers

Our recent AGM on Friday 4th March saw a great turnout by the members at which it was agreed that the membership fee for the coming year would remain the same.
Trim Athboy Angling members at 2016 AGM
A new committee was elected with a few new members coming on board to lend a hand while the top table remained the same with Joe O'Donnell as Chairman, Pat O'Toole as Secretary and Paul French as Treasurer. Denis O'Donovan remains on as PRO while Paul McManus was elected President and Gerry Lee as Vice President. Our new committee is made up of Andrew Dempsey, Jimmy Hyland, Martin Fagan, Derrie Leonard, Dermot Leonard Jnr. and Michael Hyland.
Trim Anglers AGM

The Fisherman of the Year award was presented to Pat O'Toole by our chairman Joe O'Donnell.
Fisherman of the year 2016
The meeting closed with the chairman wishing everyone a good fishing season. Our opening day is Thursday 17th March so tight lines to all.

Atlantic Salmon - Lost at sea.

posted 19 Aug 2015, 06:24 by Denis O'Donovan

I would like to introduce you to an exciting project supported by the Atlantic Salmon Trust, the film, ‘Atlantic Salmon – Lost at Sea!’
It has been my pleasure to work closely with the producer Deirdre Brennan who has been making this film for 6 years in the rivers of Europe, North America, Iceland, Greenland, and at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. It tells the story of the collapse in abundance of wild Atlantic salmon over the last thirty years. The film records the urgent quest to try to solve the mystery of the salmon’s life at sea and to answer the question: “why are salmon dying in greater numbers than ever before in their ocean environment and not returning to their native rivers?”
The film, takes the viewer on a journey through the mysterious world of the King of Fish, and highlights some of the important research, conservation and restoration work of AST and others in all the wild Atlantic salmon countries. It describers the ground-breaking research programme to track salmon on their epic migration to try to find out why and where they are dying at sea.
Filming is now complete and it is ready to edit. In order to raise the last 10% of the budget needed, Deirdre has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to bring in funds to finish the project. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform and in its 10 years has raised over $1.6 billion for creative projects, including many documentary films. All projects are vetted in advance. It is an all or nothing principle – if the goal is not reached, then no money changes hands. The campaign is for 30 days and will run until September 15th. The goal is €45,000.
Please support this most worthwhile venture. Its aim is to raise public awareness about the plight of our salmon. The film will be used widely at national, regional and local levels to raise money for salmon conservation. By contributing money – as much as you can afford, no matter how small an amount - to the film you are therefore directly supporting our international campaign to save the salmon.

Click here to find out more details and watch some beautiful videos.

Trim Haymaking Festival 2015

posted 17 Jun 2015, 14:34 by Denis O'Donovan

Trim Athboy Anglers will again have a stand at this year's Haymaking Festival on Sunday June 21st.
For anyone interested in fly fishing on the Boyne this is a stand not to be missed.
Learn all about our fishery and the works that have taken place over the past year.

We will again be offering free fly casting tuition with both single and double handed rods.

There will be ongoing fly casting demonstrations on the river and some fun competitions.

Fly fishing on the Boyne in Trim

Casting instruction on River Boyne, Trim Meath.

Fish Scale Research

posted 18 Apr 2015, 03:38 by Trimathboy Anglers

As part of the ongoing development of our fishery, the club has purchased a high quality microscope to aid in the surveying of our fish stocks. By examining scales from the fish, the microscope will enable the club to determine the age profile and health of the fish from various parts of our waters.

We need your help with this research by collecting a few scales from the fish you catch. We would appreciate it if you would take 2 or 3 scales from behind the dorsal fin of the fish and putting them in a PAPER envelope -  DO NOT use a plastic bag as the scales will rot. The scales can easily be removed by scraping with the back of a knife or even your thumb nail. We are looking for samples from all size fish, not just the ones you keep so even scales the undersized fish that you release will be helpful.

We hope to have some envelopes to give out at our first competition next Sunday but feel free to use one of your own. Mark the envelope with the following information;

Date : ..................    Specific River Location : ...........................     Fish Length : .............................  Approx Fish Weight : ................................ Your Name (Optional) : .......................................

Return your envelope to any committee member as soon as possible so the scales are fresh. Our aim is to build up a picture of the age profile and health of our fish over the coming years. We will be posting photos of the scales here on the website as we progress. 

Photo Competition 2015

posted 3 Apr 2015, 16:03 by Trimathboy Anglers   [ updated 3 Apr 2015, 16:35 ]

This day and age we all carry cameras of some description - either our phones or maybe you have a little point and shoot with you while you're out fishing. We are blessed to have access to two beautiful stretches of water - The Boyne and The Trimblestown so we want to see your best photos of our river. To that effect the club is running a photo competition for the coming season and the theme is "Our River"

This competition is just for a bit of fun although there will be a prize for the winner. We want you to take a nice photograph that shows our river in all it's glory. The competition is open to all members of the club (excluding day ticket holders). 

There are a few rules as follows;

The photos must be taken during the current fishing season so that means no old photos from previous years.
The closing date for entries is midnight Friday 2nd October 2015 - just to give anyone out fishing on the last day a chance to get their pics in.
There is no limit of the number of photos you may submit so get snapping. 
Photos will be judged by Denlo Photography with the judge's decision being final - and he has a big gun!

To enter your photo you must email it denis@allseeing.me Your photo will then be added to a new competition gallery on our photos page for all to see.

Here's a few pointers for all you budding photographers.

  • Make sure your photograph is sharp - blurred, out of focus pics just don't work.
  • Think about your subject and your composition before clicking.
  • Try not shoot directly into the sun.
  • Don't drop your phone/camera in the river!
  • It's pictures of the river we're after, so a photo of a dead trout on the bank is not going to make the cut.
  • We've got some lovely bridges, trees and buildings along our stretch of water so don't be stuck for something to shoot.
  • A photo of your fishing buddy in an embarrassing situation gets bonus points. 
  • Early morning or late evening light always makes for a nice photo.
So that's it folks. Get out there and get snapping while you're fishing.

Here's an example of something you might take.
Yellow Steeple on the River Boyne, Trim. Co. Meath.

AGM Notice

posted 6 Feb 2015, 06:43 by Trimathboy Anglers   [ updated 6 Feb 2015, 06:45 ]

Our AGM for the 2014 year will take place Friday 6th March 2015, 8:30pm in the Green Room, Castle Arch Hotel, Trim.  All members welcome and indeed encouraged to attend.

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