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Alpha's wishlist

-Tactical vest
-Hydration pack
-Leg holster
-Boonie hat
-Scarf or other loose wrap
-Red dot
-Silencer (if you are going to put a longer barrel in)
-Bi-pod (if you have a heavy gun and do lots of sniping)
-AEG (I like M4's...easy to find, easy to upgrade, lots of ways to mod and spacialize)
-Side arm
What camo? MARPAT, Multi-Cam or BDU?
-MARPAT and BDU are about the same as far as effectiveness. Both are great for dark woods...not so grate against light backgrounds. BDU's have been around forever so finding the actual cloaths is easy, finding gear with the old woodland BDU pattern is still not to hard, but may get harder in the future. Marpat is fairly new, but still pretty easy to find. Should be around for a while, but seeing as its just one of many types of digital cammo, it can be hard to find all your gear in Marpat.
-Multi-cam is pretty good anywhere. It's not quite as good as Marpat or BDU's against dark backgrounds, but it also doesn't stand out against light backgrounds as much. Good compromise. Multi-Cam is very popular and is gaining use in the acutal military. Finding it isn't hard online, and it should be around for quite a while.