Update: 21/07/2016 This project is no longer active however the download is still available in the download section`

This mini-site hosts a VMWare VM consisting of Debian5 configured as a tacacs+ server with a web configuration utility.

In computer networking, TACACS+ (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus) is a Cisco Systems proprietary protocol which provides access control for routers, network access servers and other networked computing devices via one or more centralized servers. TACACS+ provides separate authentication, authorization and accounting services.

The tacacs+ and WebUI bundled in this VM are the versions from Network Forums (courtesy of Andrew Young)

The main executable has been compiled on the VM itself and all tacacs settings are pretty much the default settings that come bundled with this version of tacacs. The main advantage of using this version of tacacs is that the configuration is all stored in a MySQL table and administered from a web based front end utility.

All the documentation regarding default usernames and passwords can be found in the documentation section of the site.

As is obvious, the intention of this VM is to facilitate testing for those who wish to implement this tacacs based system. 
Please do not use this VM for live production systems unless you tweak and harden the OS and relevant settings.

Any questions/queries/bugs should be posted on the Network Forums site.
Feel free to communicate any suggestions that you feel this site might benefit from. I'll try my best to keep it up-to-date.