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about us

Taconite Runes is a small package publisher and writing site. We have five books for sale, including the bestselling Eyes of an Eagle and the highly regarded Murder Picnic Mysteries. We specialize in hard stories that push the envelope of the genre to the edge.
We do not accept direct submissions but will work with authors to develop their work.


We specialize in the markets of writing outside the mainstream, niche genres that don't fit the typical large publisher or the contemporary story that doesn't suit the academic or normal literary support system.

Welcome to our home on the edge of the wilderness of writing.


 Where writing comes to a point: 

We have been working with the small and independent press for a decade. With the major publishers, numbers are everything. The niche market is where those who try the different find their living. This is writing on the edge. The pulp style of half a century ago, the desire to add to a story something seldom seen -- These are the ideas that live on the edge of the publishing markets and these are what you will find here.

 Taconite: A hard rock ore that is refined into steel.

 Runes: Magical poems from the far North originally written in an alphabet and language not used today.

Noir, pulp mystery, pulp science fiction, micro-fiction, contemporary adult, speculative and experimental are just a few of the stories that will take you to the magical world of imagination.


Please note and read the two following subpage links if you are interested in learning our thoughts about publishing and the markets today.

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