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Writing with an edge


Some writers try to push the reader to the edge of what they are comfortable with. These writers frequently find a home at the fringes of the publishing marketplace. These are the niche markets and they survive on the controversy of hard edgy writing.


Taconite Runes is a packager who will support the fringe writer and even those who just have questions.


Taconite Runes has worked with e-published writers who would like to see their works in paper print.

Book signings, library/literary discussions, book clubs, writing how-tos, reviews


Taconite Runes' owner has been writing for years and has been involved with the startup of three different publishing companies. He has worked his way through the small book markets as both an author and publisher. TR doesn't have the finances of the other publishers but it has the experience and willingness to lead others through the publishing maze.

Questions welcome but no unsolicited manuscripts or attachments please.

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