Welcome to the Taconic Road Runners Club
Summer Youth Track Program!

After receiving a letter from the Somers Athletic Department last month stating they are going to replace the turf fields and the facilities will not be available for our program this summer including Primrose. We were able to use Primrose a few years ago when they replaced the track surface but this is not the case this summer. I started looking for other venues and realized it would be a hardship on our Somers High School volunteers getting there and back.  With between 32 to 36 students, they comprise a little under 50% of our staff. At our last Taconic Road Runners Board Meeting and after much discussion, we decided to cancel the program for 2018. 
We apologize to everyone for any inconvenience but it is out of our hands. See you in 2019 and check with our website for 2019 registration.

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