Welcome to the Taconic Road Runners Club
Summer Youth Track Program!
Information may also be found on WHUD 100.7FM.

If there is lightning and/or thunder the program will be suspended for 30 minutes according to Athletic regulations.

The SYTP in conjunction for TRRC has organized a “long run” on Wednesday mornings at 9:00AM in Rockefeller State Preserve starting July 6th.
It is geared mostly toward the high school/middle school runner, 
but open to anyone who wants to do a long run instead of a 
speed workout on a Wednesday. 
Questions?  Email Art at arthurwwww@gmail.com or text him at 914 393-2538.

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Check out our photos from the 2014 season under photos! Pictures from the 2015 season can be found on our facebook page.

Want to learn more about the Taconic Road Runners?
                 Check out our site runner.org!