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Tacoma's Only Political Cartoon by RR Anderson

Feed Tacomic, Tacoma's only Political Cartoon by RR Anderson

T-Shirts: Steam Plant No. 2

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Two Holistic Organizational Tools for the Consummated Artist

Tired of getting all your important creative notes sticky with honey OR does all those scraps of paper in your studio collect moisture making your art space musty* smelling?

Our engineers at Holistic Forge Works have developed the Real Ultimate™ solution to all your depressing lifestyle choices!

  1. Idea Globe™ - By Holistic Forge Works!
  2. Idea Rack™ - By Holistic Forge Works!

Together We Can Make A Difference.

*there is no "aroma of Tacoma" anymore

Computers + The Internet

Everything I learned About Web Design I Learned From These Five (5) Links

XHTML Web Design Theory: so these following links were pretty influential in my research to become the best web designer aka webmaster in Tacoma Washinton (the wired city). Anyhow I thought you folks would enjoy learning all my superior web development secrets.

Four Zones of Modern Web Design

Search Engine Optimization Ethics

HTML+CSS Functionality, Semantics & Theory

Superior Content Generation

How The Internet Works Diagram (Don't Drink the Bullshit Milkshake)

How To Be A Cartoonist

Random Underground Political Cartoon Generator

If you've ever dreamed of becoming an underground political cartoonist, all you really need is Micro$oft Paint, A Computer, An Internet Connection, Tons of Amazing Wit and Talent, A Spell Checker and Mozilla Firefox. Yes it may seem like not very much, but actually it IS a bit. Nevertheless, you can view at no charge the random cartoons generated by our very own Holistic Forge Work's Crew:

Slumming with Micro$oft Paint, Weekly Atom-O-Toon by Holistic Forge Works: Underground Political Cartoons
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The Webmaster of Tacoma Web Design for America

I am the webmaster of Holistic Forge Works (HFW), the greatest website around about the ART, ADVENTURE and SCIENCE of the winged turtle. And by "greatest" I mean "freaking awesome" HFW is a site dedicated to the fundimental rights of all gods children, xhtml / css web design technologies, and making fun of people in cartoons.

Holistic Forge Works
The Mother Ship, Umbrella Organization; Holistic Forge Works' The Flying Turtle Post Intelligencer Weekly is Tacoma Washington's only holistic freelance cartoonist news source that is awesome. Holistic Forge Works: Cartoonist for Hire
Original Graphic Artist Resume
Need some creative resume ideas? This is a good example of how to build a resume and get noticed by people looking for web designers, web programmers, and marketing/design folks.
Wilbur Budd, Private Investigator
I hate this guy, but he works for me... does the dirty work... so whatever.
Holistic Forge Works Video
Experimental Animation and Video Project on Google Video
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JDHS Grads [dot] Com!
Richard Ryan Anderson: Proud graduate of Juneau Douglas High School
UFO Hunter & Alien Journal Weekly
Illegal Alien abductions, violations, and other Un-American Activities (Early HFW Web Design)
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